Be who you wish to be, not who you were taught to be

Get to the bottom of issues FAST

Discover your strengths in a simple and relaxed way with Hypnotherapy. Trance Therapies are a blend of Energy Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Therapy finding the best way to release the past, embrace your present and influence your future.

Reach Your Potential

Hypnosis downloads are the most economical way to Self-Help for trauma, motivation, weight loss, smoking cessation, spiritual development and healing. Click on any slide to go to the page

Combing Hypnosis downloads that make sense for you

Combining sessions that manage different aspects of an issue is invaluable. Most clients that come to quit smoking are stressed at the thought, and those that do stop find anxiety to be a major factor in starting again. Nip it in the bud by starting with Anxiety and then follow up with quit smoking

Live full sessions and Programs

In person, live via skype or hangouts. Live sessions offer huge benefits, you can save years of therapy by choosing the right program for you

$10 Single Question

Ask your question and receive your answer via email, lets face it sometimes you only have that one burning question

When is Depression Not Depression

$20 Quickie

Ask a few questions or go for detailed information in the area you need and get your response via email within 24 hours on average

When is Depression Not Depression

$45 for 30 minutes

Live call, video or chat, via email, skype or hangouts it is up to you! The advantage of a live reading is that you can question and clarify information, more time means more information. If via email you get a right of reply for clarifying info.

When is Depression Not Depression

$80 for an Hour session

This is the ultimate for both information and advice based on that information. Look forward as well as back at origins, mediumship, aura reading, chakra reading, clairvoyance or ask for a tarot reading.

When is Depression Not Depression

Specialist Readings



June Special Offer!!!

Full Lenormand Layout and Reading Live or Via Email $40 Normally $80

This is an AMAZING deal! a 36 card layout in the tradition of MMe Lenormand offers detail and accuracy for timing,

main influences, specific events and more in a single session. Dorothy may very well be the only Reader in the world offering this service.

Dorothy has developed three sets of cards, ‘Sacred Souls Oracle’, ‘Dark Rose Divination’ and ‘Victorian Tarot’ Get A Three Card Reading $20. Choose a deck and Click below to get your reading via email

Victorian Tarot                   Sacred Souls Oracle           Dark Rose Divination

Dorothy’s own Freedom Spread. This reading will encompass any area of your life or operates amazing accuracy for a general reading also. Using the Sacred Souls Oracle get a video recorded reading via your email $45 or get a live 1 hour interactive session via skype or hangouts see the cards laid out, record the session, and ask questions. $80. This layout relies on card relationships and how they work together offering in depth and insightful information. Even if you are asking about a specific life area, information will be available to cover other areas, this is a must see layout in action as it evolves as the reading goes on. This means that during the reading you can ask another question or clarify areas that you don’t quite understand or completely change the direction of the reading without laying out any more cards. The 11th card is a message from you to you. This is often a revelation to querants drawing an emotional response. You won’t find this anywhere else on the planet.

Freedom Spread

 New lenormand Deck buy here




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Dorothy’s Lenormand

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Jupiter in Retrograde

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Aura Readings $40 image and interpretation: $80 moving image and interpretation with future projection (click an image to buy)