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With 17 years full time as a Taroist, Aura Reader and Energy Therapist Dorothy can quickly get to the heart of any situation. With services starting at $10 there is something for every budget or need. Click on the circles below to choose a good fit, with a high turnaround you won''t have to wait long.

  • $80 1 hour session

    In depth reading, future up to two years and life support strategies.

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  • $10 Question

    One question via email only. Speedy Response

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  • $20 Quickie

    Email only, for expanded information

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  • $45 30 minutes

    Live or via email, support and clear insight into any problem

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Dorothy Holds a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Master Teacher in Seichim, Reiki Master Teacher and Aquarian Healing. She is the Founder of The Vibrational Expansion Technique of healing and a long term advisor on bitwine and 9 years as a show host has given her the advantage of reading for quite literally thousands internationally. Author, visionary and currently developing Oracle Card Sets brings her goal of assisted self development to the fore. Life is for Living, she encourages you to use information for successful outcomes.  Find the issue, heal it, deal with it and move on. It doesn't have to be  hard, drawn out or painful learning how to express the person you know you are.


Dorothy Holder

Founder, Director,

Clairvoyant Energy Therapist

Aura Reading

Future Projections, Trauma Release

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Aura Diagnosis

Quick Classes

  • Dorthy, I am really drawn to what you have to say. I'm listening too. So, with that said. Your readings inspire me, and help me keep focused    sean

  • WOW! K, so I'm floored! You hit me spot on. And, not just a surface read. You hit on a part of me that, if someone asked me about myself, I don't think I'd even think to tell them, though it is a huge part of me! Thanks soooo much! You're the best!


  • Thank you for Monica's reading yesterday, I will try and catch up with you over the weekend. She spoke to the police today and you will not believe the feedback. What can I say you are brilliant. Kind Regards Mary


The Four Releases.

The fastest way to moving forward

The Four Releases

We are all touched by these at some point in our lives, it is often surprising to discover how the hypnosis draws out what seems to be a tenuous connection to these inner feelings. Leaving you grounded, clear and ready for the future without dragging the past with you. 1. Guilt: Letting go of a guilt can be a serious stumbling block for healing, moving past relationships and events affecting your present that happened when you were too young to know better. While guilt has a place in our lives it shouldn’t rule them, it is an indicator that some level of change or action is required. Guilt is a barometer of behaviour, it is the brake that moderates temptations and prompts apologies where necessary or possible. Nothing you have done in life requires that you suffer at the hands of guilt for the rest of your life, as an underlying energy it will allow others to take advantage of you and possibly prevent you from believing in your own value. 2. Fear: Today fear goes by so many names that we can be quite removed from the cause of underlying tension until it spills over as an undesirable behaviour. Eliminating fear is a powerful move toward good relationships, great choices and a happier life, the most dangerous fear is the one we accept as normal. In today’s society, we are medicated past underlying issues, this means that you stay anxious, you stay in fear and are potentially a statistic which acknowledges stress as the biggest killer of mankind. 3. Grief: It is easy to associate grief with the loss of a loved one but it is much more than that, grief is a response to any loss, whether it be loss of freedom, dreams, a childhood pet or any situation where healing is required. It is true there are many stages of grief, but it is not true that one will grieve all their lives, this is not healthy regardless of the loss. While the loss may always be acknowledged there is a point where we honour those who have gone by remembering them with fondness. Loss is not an aberration of life but a part of life which makes it imperative that we have the ability to place it where it belongs. 4. Anger: Anger in place is an indication of feeling a loss of control, or not being able to get your way, in the moment the only real negative can be how you respond to it. In any situation anger is an indication of feeling threatened, it offers insight into one’s self to enable modification either of behaviour, boundaries, choices or relationships. Where anger is a constant companion it can only lead to a resentful, bitter life, conflict becomes normal and blame is the standard of the day. Removing anger from the equation lifts a terrible weight allowing for a more harmonious life experience.

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360 Degree Program

Changing destructive behaviours in 6 easy sessions

When We Say Remote We Mean Remote!

Turning your life around doesn’t have to be a major effort. Using Trance Therapies® you can develop specific areas in a very pleasant way gaining significant results in matter of weeks. These changes will set the tone for years to come by reinforcing values that matter to you, and evicting fears and behaviours that have held you back. This is a program for those who feel all their efforts just don’t seem to return the reward of freedom both of the heart and the mind. balloonfree By engaging your inner self you can bring forward all those qualities you love about yourself, and we can target any negative thinking, past failures that present as fears along with poor teachings by parents, teachers or any significant past influence. You and I become a team that can pretty much roll over any obstacle using this systematic program of transformation. Take a moment to think about yourself and your life, what do you think holds you back, where is your mind at much of the time and yes, how does your body feel. Body issues can be greatly reduced during this type of work for two reasons, firstly we underestimate the influence of our thoughts and emotions on the body, and secondly we can forget completely the influence body function has on the mind and emotions. The consequences can be devastating either way. Hit the contact button to organize a consultation about your needs (free) and what you can expect from this program. Energy Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Body Psychology are power tools for healing by themselves, Trance Therapies® incorporates all three simultaneously to get you the best results and put you in the frame to simply enjoy your life to the max. Dorothy carries a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy gained from the New Zealand School of Hypnosis in 2004 and is the founder of the Vibrational Expansion Technique® of energy therapy, training practitioners in the art of healing,


Spiritual Development

6 sessions to develop psychic skills

Spiritual Development

or increased intuitive ability and an exploration of your own strengths, this is the program for you. We all have a starting point that can make development in all areas of the esoteric arts speedy so you can get on with the business of enjoying your innate talents. Flexi courses allow you to pick and choose for an exciting taster while giving the option to get a good grounding in any spiritual development aspect which makes a great prep for serious training if you want to advance to professional quality skills, 6 x 1 hour, 1 on 1 sessions targeting your main interests, beginning with Dorothy reading and aligning your energy to ensure great results. Mix and match or drive forward specific skills, What would you like to develop? ascension seeing aura tarot interpretation/ picture reading chakra expansion mediumship meet your guides Energy Therapy Basics astral travel/remote viewing chakra reading self healing crystal healing thought manifestation energy interpretation pure visions meditation $360 all inclusive or $80 per session. Great support visuals and downloadable content for ongoing reference in some areas. Why 1 on 1? Originally I was based in Pukekohe, NZ and ran organized programs in my space for 4 years with 6 -10 students of the arts in every class, Groups did offer some advantages but also took attention away from individuals, I have found since then that 1 on 1 (online via skype, hangouts or intuitalks) has proven to show a greater level of development for the time invested. The reason being the energy used to enhance your ability is shared in a group without being able to target your specific energy centres and responses to being ‘charged’.


Learn Tarot.

Casual or Certificated Course

Learn Tarot.

Learning Tarot is one of the more exciting things you can do in the area of esoteric mysteries. There is something indefinably attractive about having access to the mysteries of symbolism, hidden meanings and the super conscious. Tarot is a combination of skill and intuition but a person who has a deep understanding of the Tarot can give as good a reading as a person with good intuition, and will be infinitely better than an intuitive with moderate abilities. Every card has within it a kernel of reality, the things we do, the energy motivating our actions the things that hold us back and the things that drive us forward. The Tarot is the law of attraction at work, you are radiating energy and when you ask a question of the cards, you are attracting a like or similar energy. The interplay between quester and cards is dynamic, but no more so than the connection between the reader and the cards AND the quester. Dorothy is the author of ‘Learn Tarot’ and ‘Tarot Companion, both books aimed at making learning simple and effective. She is also the author and illustrator of Sacred Souls Oracle where any reader can make this deck their own. It is time to move beyond reciting card meanings in books and get back to the true nature of Tarot, which is to allow the cards to awaken your minds symbolic understandings, or intuition. Travel this journey with me one on one live or catch the On Demand workshops. Dorothy’s classes are visually exciting and information rich, once you open the class you can skip slide by slide to make research easy rather than having to fast forward. The slides are card by card to help you gain insight into the intention of traditional tarot cards, and symbol by symbol

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Energy Totems

These are wonderful, I simply love following a vison and creating a meaningful image, they can be used as wallpapers or printed and framed. Each one is intuitied and created just for you, representing that elusive energy that in turn creates your experience. Each image comes with an interpretation and explanation of the symbols, animals, or plants used, Email only $40 click to buy.

December Forecast

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