Only those things in your realm of focus are available as opportunities or distractions. The law of attraction provides opportunistic moments in time, rather than synchronistic periods. What you focus on gets all your attention to the exclusion of all else, trying to get the attention of someone fixated on their own stuff is a pointless exercise. Conversely being too specific about the things you want limits what is available to you. It is always worth remembering the law of attraction doesn’t speak to good things, but to anything your attitude, belief and vision ascribe to.

It is a common mistake to think the law of attraction provides some magical formula for getting something, it is a bit like expecting god to provide you with anything you want, while you sit on the couch doing nothing but thinking about what you want. We do have a name for this, entitlement. Specifically the law of attraction provides opportunities in relation to your envisioning for yourself, this is largely rooted in what you believe you can have, not what you want. Doing some inner work is a valuable tool in discovering what prevents success in any area. For example if you are dreaming of being rich, but don’t know how to manage money, then you don’t understand value. Primarily all money consciousness is about value. Finding the core energy of anything will lead to being able to turn anything around, while bouncing around the surface issues will leaving you chasing answers, possibly for years, that just seem to elude you.

Art Journaling can reveal inner truths that can change your energy and expectations. We have all heard of and maybe even created a vision board, Journaling is a huge step beyond the superficial wants expressed on a board. With a vision board, the tendency is to place what you want, which for a worker who knows their abilities will be vastly different from a financially desperate person. The main difference is that the former places on their board what they are capable of, the latter places a wish board rather than a vision board in place, I have seen a persons board where the centre and largest image was lotto balls. They didn’t understand when I mentioned that this particular board, was a board of chance and life itself would become a gamble, it is to be noted that this woman trips from experience to experience and to this day has no real life successes.

Other ways to improve your chances of developing a great LOA strategy is to use hypnosis. This provides you with a tool that digs in under what you THINK is the issue or block, or gets to the core if you have no idea to bring it forward and evict it. Easily, simply and peacefully. Meditations is often touted as a good tool for this type of work but there is a downside, what you think comes in to play for meditations, it takes practice and experience to meditate beyond your thoughts, it takes some years to be able to sit in a state where a truth can well up into consciousness. Doing so requires objectivity and a willingness to accept whatever comes up, hypnosis cuts through that level of rationality speeding up the process of becoming more in sync with the universe itself.

Get up and going quickly by charging in where fear has held you back to ascertain your fundamental belief, blocks or attitude that doesn’t serve you so you can get on with the job of recognizing opportunities and developing a life strategy based on them.