Hypnosis is not a mind control mechanism, in fact that couldn’t be further from the truth. By using certain words and symbols, blockers and triggers help you to cut through a belief that holds you back, conversely they can push you forward in areas of development easily and quickly. I see it as a team effort and with a 96% success rate in my practice, taking the time to consult properly and individualizing any script is key to bringing an individual into active participation.

While it may be a lovely way to create changes, essentially you lay down, relax and rest during the process, it is also speedy. If you have never been hypnotized before you may need to listen to a recording a few times to relax and drop down into a deep trance. All live sessions take 1 1/2 hours, with about 30 minutes being the time for consultation, working out where the problem areas are and finding the best style of hypnosis to ensure success. Recordings don’t give the luxury of either a consultation or re-framing verbal cues, so it is okay to listen a few times for most hypnotherapy downloads. 30 minutes, relax = result. Anxiety, sleeplessness, smoking cessation and much more can be addressed successfully with minimal effort.

How do you make sure you will have success? Firstly be clear about what the problem is, I have a few weight loss  downloads, one for overeating, one for motivation and eating, as well as the 21 day hypnodiet for those who have had a long term problem and will, no doubt, have emotional and confidence issues related to personal image and weight loss. Take the time to think about the best or closest hypnosis strategy, and if you need to listen to a couple of different recordings to cover all the bases then do so. (these are cheap enough to make that an easy option) In live sessions I provide one off solutions, but there are times when a program is required so that each session addresses specific issues, while all the time heading toward the prime goal. The biggest advantage with Hypnotherapy is that there is a beginning, and an end to the healing schedule. Secondarily the results increase or set more firmly over time, so the end of the program or sessions, is the beginning of change which occurs naturally over time, without more effort. 

Dorothy’s Hypnotherapy Downloads

It is noticeable that more and more people are struggling with letting go of past relationships, possibly due to the 50/50 nature of commitment these days. Release Past Relationships can quickly get you back on track and focused on positive future relationships. If you find yourself attaching again and again or holding feelings for someone fairly remote in your life (IE Facebook friend or distant someone) you might want to look at Change Habits as this hypnosis addresses habits that don’t serve you. You could also do both, or look through the recordings to find a grouping of downloads that essentially creates your own program. The key to success here is the order in which you do the sessions, and also making sure you have a few days to a week between a change in hypnosis. No longer than a week gives optimum results, but if listening to the same hypnosis more than once, then listen daily until you don’t feel a need or want to switch to the next hypnosis. 

If you feel blocked in any area of your life, Three Gates gives a glimpse into, and a way past what holds you back. It is fairly common to not be consciously aware of what the block is, which makes this a powerful hypnosis for tortured souls and those who have not worked out core issues that can project out from a distant past. When you find yourself asking why you do certain things time and time again, or feel you our in a pattern of behaviour that you are powerless to control, this will help you get through. It is an hypnosis that you can repeatedly use for different areas of your life, and at different times, even years into the future if you have discovered an unknown energy that seems to prevent you advancing through life. As a revealing session, it has the power to really change your life in fundamental ways. Sometimes just finding the motivation can be pivotal in turning your life around, even in weight loss motivation can be a real problem and may offer a greater degree of success than dieting or weight loss hypnosis.

If you are unsure or want to have a deep change program or single session therapy, live sessions can be in person or via skype, but if you want to take the download route, you just need to be sure you are grabbing the right series, contact me if you want to discuss the best options related to that based on your needs and you will be successful. energytherapies@dorothyholder.com. Give hypnosis a go, it is an amazing tool to have in your armoury, and let’s not forget there are other wonderful effects for many, better sleep, less anxiety and for a few snoring dissipates which indicates it may be an anxious thing for some. Relax your way to a happier more balanced life.