I personally believe there can be some influence with a retrograde, but don’t believe it is at the bottom of every computer glitch or miscommunication. I do believe that where there is an existing weakness it is more likely to come to the fore when the influencing energies are pronounced. This also means that there is a positive spin on Mercury retrograde, like all things it has two faces, because it reveals the weakness, the cracks and the chinks that need to be smoothed over, ironed out and if I could think of any more metaphors I surely would.

On that note there are two ways you can deal with a retrograde, depending on how you feel you are being influenced and what you want to achieve, you can try to negate it (remembering that it is a global energy) or you can try to get inside it and use the energy, (this is definitely a Dorothy method), I don’t care how much it hurts, I am going to drive to the heart of the matter wherever possible.

Spell 1: Reversal

Perform this spell before any major event, show, meeting or one on one communication, for example an interview.

You’ll Need:

a light blue or silver spell candle

candle holder

Clear Quartz Crystal (enhances clarity and comprehension in any given moment)

Crysoprase Crystal (is the master of full and complete communications)

Paring knife

Polarity Balancing Power Circle

The first thing you’ll want to do is butt your candle. This is when you cut the tip off the candle, turn it upside down and release the wick from the bottom of the candle. This turns any candle in a reversing candle which, it is worth noting, can work to flip things or undo something already done.

The top part of the candle, where your new candle tip is, is the reversing half of your candle. The bottom half becomes a tool for attracting something don’t snip the wick off, it will stand in a holder usually. Here we’re going to attract protection against any further Mercury Retrograde problems, attract solutions, and negate any further interference in the situation.

Once you’ve done this use the knife to carve a notch in the center of the candle to mark where the reversal part will end and where the attracting part will begin. Carve the symbol for Mercury into the wax in upside down, crossing the centre of the candle.

Set up your power circle with the two crystals. the crysoprase above the centre, and the Quartz just below (you will place the candle in the middle.

Image result for mercury symbol

When you’re done hold the candle between both hands at your heart center and consider the areas causing you distress, or the areas you want to run smoothly during the retrograde. when you are ready place it in your candle holder and chant as you light it:

Freyja I call on you to control your unruly child
Holding issues at bay until another day
Sailing smooth, paths direct
As I reverse, so I attract
As I say it to be, it becomes a fact
Light the candle and let it burn all the way down in one lighting {this may mean planning ahead so that you can be sure to let it burn all at once}. While it is burning focus on positive outcomes, resolution and good feelings. You are the master of your echo blaster,,,

Spell 2: Harnessing Mercury Retrograde

Retrograde also means to revert, this can be to an earlier and inferior state, or directed/moving backwards. Use this option if things have got out of control and you wish to return to an earlier state, this state will be one you were happier with or which left you more options going forward. Great when you want a relationship to find its footing and stability, or to step back from responsibilities that have become overwhelming.

Do remember that you moved beyond this state, so a return will be in the form of opportunity that you will need to accept, for example, if you set yourself up as the go to person, and aren’t enjoying the role now everyone wants your time, you will see opportunities for others to take on the role or parts of it, to make this work you will need to relinquish your control or autonomy. If it is a relationship, things must have been wrong to get to a point you wish to undo, you will be called upon to deal with these areas as a means to return. Some of these will be your own beliefs, behaviours or areas that need developing, refusing to acknowledge these will lead to failure. Lastly if it is business oriented, and you have set yourself on a path that has led you where you didn’t expect or want to go, this spell will help set you BACK on the correct course for your original intention, take note that this could mean a rough ride, it is Mercury after all which is modeled on Hermes the trickster,, this is not a do over and as always, you can’t control others so once your situation has broken, or ended, this spell is not an option, it is to revert a situation in play to an earlier preferred state.

check the calendar to find out how many days are left of the retrograde, you will need a big enough candle to burn each day. (for example if you start at the beginning and there are 13 days to the retrograde, you will need a candle big enough to burn for 5 minutes each day, for bigger issues I recommend starting at the very beginning.

Light Blue Candle

Pentagram Power Circle

Pad Paper (as many as you need to write each issue or area down)

Clary Sage oil

a small box (to place folded papers in when completed)

Blue Ribbon

Place the candle in the middle of your power circle, anoint with the clary sage.

Light the candle, then write on the paper where your situation is out of hand, be very clear. I.E. if you are fighting with your partner and don’t know how to put things back the way they were, if you are communicating badly, if your finances are so deeply in debt, or if your time commitments are overwhelming you, what actually is it that you feel is in control of you or your situation. what decision did you make, what words did you utter, what belief got you where you are today?

For each situation (if there is more than one) use a fresh piece of paper. Once written, dab Clary Sage once in the centre of each.

Fold the paper in half, lift the candle and as you drip wax onto the open end to seal it chant:

Mercury Mercury lend me your Ear

I have a problem that causes me fear

Turn back the clock, take me back to the past

do this quick, do this fast

On the folded half write down exactly where you want to be, not a date, but the situation or environment, remember the time just before things started to go wrong, just before that decision. Fold the paper in half again, and drip more candle wax to seal it. Place it in the box.

Repeat with any other situation you wish to rectify.

Every day, anoint your candle with the oil and light it on your altar (leave it there through the whole period as energy builds) remove your paper and drip wax then fold, (the best way to do this for 7 or more-day period is concertina style), just folding over one edge sticking it with the wax and the next day folding that and sticking it with wax. Chanting the mantra each day as you create the seal.

On the last day, use the candle to drip the wax onto the top and use a ribbon to wrap it, as a present, sticking the ribbon with the seal to the paper. place it under your pillow for the night, then back in the box. 7 days after the retrograde has completed, take your papers place them in a saucer and burn them, your spell is done now it is time for the energies to do their magic. Take note of any signs, dreams or moments of clarity, and act on them to get the results you seek.