Using cards as a divination tool has merit but is far from the extent to which you can use tarot. As a guide to healing the cards can be insightful and provide a way to a better future, rather than reading a future. It comes down to the question you ask yourself as you are shuffling your cards. The cards that come out in this type of self reading, are not subjective, you take the base phrase or meaning for the card at face value. Rest assured that it is not your sun sign, rising sign or any other basic archetype causing issues, it is up to you as an adult to recognize current problems that you play a part in.

Often the base or even the very thing that is causing issues in relationships, making it hard to hold down a job, or interfering with your ability to make good life choices is elusive. Mostly our cognitive skills are given the task of looking outward for reasons or causes, this exercise encourages you to take responsibility for yourself today, even if you are not the cause. It is fair to say if you experienced a tough upbringing, accident or worse, it isn’t your fault that you developed a strategy to cope and respond to the tiniest cues as a self preservation. It is also fair to say, that today, here and now, ONLY you are responsible for healing it and becoming the best version of yourself that you can be.

1: What needs to be healed?

The card that comes out here is the personal inner area of difficulty or what affects other areas of your life.

2: Can I resolve this aspect?

This is an important question, if someone/something damaged you in the past it cannot be undone. But identifying this is important to finding solutions.

3: What direction do I need to take to begin healing?

This card will show you a starting point, once this is found you will be amazed at how it sets the stage for a continued journey. Now you are able to focus on going forward, in itself a path that leads away from inner pain and firmly toward closure.

While this is not a comprehensive guide it certainly can be revealing and get you on your way. Your path may take you to hypnosis, art journaling, energy therapy programs or on a path of self development in the energy fields to help others as you work through your own pain to a point of
having something valuable to share.

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