We all understand the idea of regression therapies which, using hypnosis, take us back into the past. These are usually used to identify and eliminate an attachment to something that affects life today. It can be anything from fears to smoking, but is well known for its efficacy. Less known is Progressive Hypnotherapy which takes you forward to a point in the future, and creates a connection to that point.

In not so recent years, Particle and Quantum research has shown us that what you look at, quite literally changes the behaviours of particles, affecting the past as well as the present. It may surprise you to realize that this affects you in a huge way as you are quite literally built of these particles as well as living in a quantum world of entanglement.

Some years back scientists cut a cell apart, breaking it down to the sum of its particles. They took half of these particles to a different town and set about influencing both groups by applying magnetism. Magnetism is known to ‘force’ the behaviour of particles, they move in the same way that the magnetic influence dictates, that is, if moved clockwise the particles follow suit. In the experiment they used opposite directions of the magnet and were shocked to discover, that the second group of particles not only refused to respond to that influence, but mimicked the first groups direction, at the same time as they were influenced. I am always struck by the reality that something pushed the researchers to do this, there was already some indication that things may not be what was originally thought in the realm of particle physics.

Now if you add the entanglement element, you have absolutely everything influencing everything else and being connected long before an actual physical manifestation comes into being. So what does this have to do with progressive hypnosis? Well no one really knows why it would work, unless you accept that you are changing some aspect of the past by focusing on the future. This is a mind bending concept, but definitely one with great potential ramifications.

It is not a specific therapy, it is a lifestyle therapy really. You take the lifestyle you wish to be living and build that hypnotically and create a current reality that will put you there as a matter of due course. Pretty good idea that changes behaviours without having to address those behaviours or even identify them. I have had a lot of success with DNA restructuring which isn’t specific either, you don’t know what will change or how it will change and it can take a year for all of the consequences to be realized.  The first few months after can be quite a challenge as how you think and feel will be different, leaving you without a reference, or auto response, for situations.

Progressive hypnotherapy is equally galvanizing, behaviours and attitudes change based on genuine desire, rather than belief or outmoded attitudes that no longer serve you. These need to be live sessions only due to the need for personal memory and consultation.