Healing symbols have a great use. You can align with any symbol or you can gain an energy expansion and learn how to use them for others or in life situations that need a little help along. They can be used to encourage communication, release or to form a bond from now to some point in the future, they are truly magnificent if you utilize their full potential rather than limiting them.

In basic reiki or Seichim (Egyptian healing frequency) attunements symbols are used to ‘open’ you, this basically means expand your potential by allowing specific energy frequencies to make physiological, emotional and mental changes. These can bring awareness, but they can also tend to increase psychic awareness or greater consciousness. The first time I had full past life memories was after attuning to Master Teacher frequencies of Seichim, it was unsettling to say the least. Teaching was never too hot, so I pretty much had no great advisers as the teachers bandied about words like healing crisis, which is a catchall for we don’t know.

Symbols are short cuts to and abbreviation of a group of frequencies that elicit a specific response. For example, if you learn Reiki, you are attuned to a single frequency. Seichim is the same, but once you attune to both, you now have a double frequency range. then add the next few attunements and you are building up a repertoire, but the truth is, it is still a very limited range. Here in NZ there are so many modalities that you can really play around with it, I did. This taught me that the ranges of frequencies out there are phenomenal, once person couldn’t possibly hold them all, so the practitioner ‘attunes’ to what attracts them and is manageable.

Expansion on the other hand, harks back to a period where I experienced a memory of groups of individuals sharing energy with a recipient. I was informed that one of the practitioners was a good match for me and would be the connection, while the others were adding their energies to create a broader range. I must admit to think. gee, I must need a lot of help. It didn’t take me long to realize that the main thing was the ability to gain whatever frequency or group of frequencies a client needed, I haven’t looked back since. So back to symbols.

Each symbol provides a group of frequencies bundled conveniently together to achieve a particular purpose. There may variations on interpretation, but the frequencies stay the same. With an Expansion and a few symbols you can help yourself, your pets, your friends and family. You can improve communication, intimacy and health or you can clear an environment for interviews, negative energy and more.  This symbol is Mai Yur Ma (pronounced My Ura Mah)

 Opening your heart to give and receive while creating an infinite heart based connection that goes out and comes back to you. It is a heart based symbol but can be used anywhere that you need it, for yourself or shared with another. This is not a symbol of romance, but of genuine heart based connections with anyone or anything. It encourages you to follow your passions and to be passionate.

It offers a gateway to your soul energy via the heart, self love and self value. Any symbol that has the lemniscate (infinity symbol) reflects the nature of the universe and can be done to the power of 3,7 or 9 which increases its viability. and reach either over distance or into the future. Draw this symbol on paper, practice it until it is awesome, and then you can envision it, place your hands over your heart and ‘push’ the symbol into your heart centre allow it to flow from there to the rest of your chakra system.  Self healing and development at its finest.

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For those seeking to be professionals, check out The Vibrational Expansion Technique. Choose an individual module or become a practitioner.