You can do this sitting or lying down.

Begin by taking 5 deep breaths into your belly. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Use this as a signal to your body that you are going into a relaxed state.


Hold each position for 3 minutes or more.


  1. Bring your awareness to your heart centre. Imagine a white light in the centre of your chest; allow this light to grow until it completely fills your chest cavity.


  1. Start drawing this light down your body. Down past your hips, down your legs, continuing on down through your feet. Allow your energy to be drawn to the very centre of the earth. When your energy column reaches the core of the earth, gently pierce the crust and allow your energy to mingle freely with the earth energy.
  2. After a moment, you will feel the earth’s response as she lovingly sends her energy back up your grounding cord. Imagine her energy coming up your energetic cord, all the way up and through the soles of your feet. Up your legs and continuing on up past your hips, flowing up your body to your heart centre, keep it going up into your throat, and out the crown of your head still going up to the very edge of the cosmos.
  3. Above your head imagine a brilliant white light, so bright you can barely look at it.
  4. Draw this energy down into your crown, down through your throat, into your heart centre continuing on down your body, down your legs and out the soles of your feet, still going down your energetic cord all the way down to the centre of the earth.
  5. Allow the cosmic and earth energies to mingle and after a moment you will feel both energies push back up your energy column, coming up all the way through the soles of your feet, and on up your legs past, your hips continuing up to your heart centre
  6. Allow this light energy to expand until it completely fills your chest cavity. Split these energies to each shoulder, run them down your arms and out the palms of your hands.


  • Starting with the crown place both hands on your head linking the fingers.
  • Place both hands over front of face ensuring cover of 3rd eye
  • Cup hands at throat
  • Place both hands over heart
  • Position hands over solar plexus
  • Move to the sacral
  • Cup hands over genital area at base Chakra
  • At each Chakra position allow your mind to be open to accept any information relating to that area, also allow any emotions to flow. This is an exercise in opening and recognizing the areas creating difficulty in our lives as well as expanding to allow healing energy to enter and balance the chakras.