Pop down to your local cheap shop or indeed any shop that sells coloured bottles. build up a range so you have almost any number of colours, the more the better. It does help if they have lids or corks as you are going to fill your bottle with water after first ascertaining your primary need. Tap or filtered water is just fine, I don’t really recommend pre-bottled water unless there is something wrong with your water supply, it has often been in the bottle for as long as 2 years. dead dead dead, if you don’t have a choice, pour the water into a jug, then back into the bottle a few times to try and infuse some oxygen.

Close your eyes, take a nice deep breath or five and ask yourself what colour do you need to balance out your body, mind or emotions right now. Similarly, you can ask what colour will help or enhance what you are trying to do or be at the moment, or over the next few days or weeks.

Here are a few examples:

  • What colour will increase my confidence right now
  • What colour will help me feel better
  • What colour will help me heal from…. (be specific as to what you want to heal from)
  • What colour do i need to enhance….
  • What colour will lift my spirits
  • What colour do i need to get past…
  • What colour will help me achieve a more relaxed state of mind
  • What colour will help me meditate
  • What colour will help me concentrate
  • What colour will help me communicate more directly/efficiently or honestly. it may not be the same colour for all three.

 You get the picture. It isn’t wise to ask for a colour to ‘get that job’, but you can most certainly enhance your energetic attractiveness, to improve your chances over the next round of interviews. You can even specify a  suitable job in your question, I.E, the best match or fit. Even online or mail applications carry energy, due to this quality some stand out and others don’t. It would be rare that only one person has the right qualifications for a job, so what colour will make you stand out, seem professional, or be a match for the best job you are capable of achieving?

In romance, what colour brings out the best in you? That is a much better use of the therapy than what colour will get me a boyfriend/girlfriend. It will work better if you focus on what you want to present or put out there, as you can’t change others or the course of the world for that matter. I know I know, it is popular to believe that you can shift 7 billion or even 1 person out of the way  so you can get what you want, because for some obscure reason the angels, masters or the universe think you are more important…… The thing to understand is the energetic change you can create for yourself here, which alters how others perceive you, the absolute best you can go for, is the best version of you. Ask for that, it works every time.

A colour will come to mind almost instantly, if you have to think about it, you missed the pure moment. It is common when self-diagnosing to dismiss the first instinct in favour of a second more practiced version, it is truly a bad habit and worth overcoming. If your mind offers yellow then immediately green and your thought is ‘ahh my fave colour’, go for the yellow.  If yellow is your fave and first thought, maybe you need it, consistency is important rather than playing favourites with your thoughts and reinforcing the very thing you are trying to change

To make Colour Elixir:

Select the nearest colour bottle you have to the colour that comes to mind and fill it with water, stand it in the sun (inside by a window is just fine) with the lid off. The sun solarizes, but it also purifies; any chlorine dissipates which helps to give you a softer water. You may even notice that the different coloured bottles offer slightly (very slightly) different flavours, even the word flavour is too strong for the subtle differences in taste.

Leave your bottle in full sun, usually 30 minutes is long enough, on an overcast day an hour is best but leaving it there all day isn’t a problem if you are at work. Drink this water over the day, or next few days or even weeks depending on what you are trying to achieve. This means using the same colour bottle, refilling and solarizing, if you manage to have two bottles of the same colour, you can solarize one while drinking the other.

Fill your water bottle with it when you go to work or travel, so you can sip it throughout the day, you can keep this water in the fridge or not, the intention is to drink it not store it.  Clearly you won’t be wanting to drink from different colours or any colour all the time, but it isn’t unusual to need a sustained dosing to help come past anxiety, depression or difficult periods in relationship. As things change or as your priorities change, you can revisit this process as often as you like, you can target character flaws, undeveloped areas as well as psychological dilemmas.