Image result for quantum physicsQuantum Physics does tend to explain the process of intuition, psychic phenomena and energy work in many ways. In particular understanding that light is the source of all information is a little bit more than mind blowing. That sacred geometry is a fact not a spiritual concept adds weight to understanding that many spiritual ideals are in fact representations of scientific fact. Many of which supersede their use spiritually or more noticeably new age understanding of spirituality. String theory, neutrino, and many other wonderful minutiae along with of course quanta (the smallest of everything measurable right now, also connective) offer us insight into those perceptions and energy exchanges that are a common, daily natural occurrence.

I have often thought over the years, that the line between spiritual anything and physics is much the same if you look at it one way, or physics pushes the bar much higher than we could ever imagine which places us in rather a lowly position. If you realize that string theory (the connective something that allows us to be in two places, times or shift energy from one place to another instantly) has been explored since 1920, our scientists have had nearly a hundred years to work it out, which makes energy shift talk, spontaneous healing and many other phenomenon, a well known concept of science rather than one of spirituality.

So, back to energy practices. Some years back (maybe 30) they built a microscope big enough to look at tiny things. The thing that they wanted to know is what part of humans are solid and what parts are not. To that end they put a human hand under its lens and discovered, that we are more space than matter. (this led to and is not a response to the idea that the physical is not physical at all which makes that ‘spiritual’ idea one of scientific proof). The Sufi many thousands of years ago, became aware that everything in the universe moved, and they were right.
Science didn’t stop there, they built and even bigger microscope and decided that after looking at humans layer upon layer and finding more space than matter, that surely by looking at the nucleus of a cell, they would find hard evidence. But no,,, they discovered that at the very centre of a cell, there was a light, but wait, that light winked off, immediately to be replaced by another light. Dr Wolfe then asked as a quantum physicist is wont to do, “but where does it go, when it is not here?’”

Meanwhile in the 70s Dr Leon lederman was trying to validate a 1959 realization that something was running off with particles but not on the radar of positive and negative (very basic explanation of something complex but ah well). They finally discovered that neutrinos were the culprit, and these were carrying information with them. Why does this matter? It matters because as neutrinos go through things, planets, trees, people and pretty much everything, they grab a bit of info on the way. This information is available to anyone at any time who can observe them, or read them. Pretty nifty stuff. I could go on about the amazing discoveries and what they mean for readers, energy workers and the like. The reuse of particles for example offer information about where those particles have been before leading us into querying areas of past life memory and more.

Particles (quite large and lumpy compared to the quanta states) shift in out and of your body all the time. I see aura and it moves, I have longed believed that the movement I see, is the light energy disturbing particles around the body. It has been well known in quantum physics for a long time, that particles move from you, are influenced by you and continue to move outward, through the person next to you and so on. We have also known for a long time ( I was taught this one in primary school) light once it sets out on it’s journey also carries information, this means anyone exposed to that light or focused on that light (think telescope) can work out what that light means. If you look at a star for example, even with the naked eye you can see light of a star that may already be extinct and may have been for a million years or so. It could have been so far away, that by the time it’s light reached your eye, it has finished it’s cycle of life. For those that can read that information, that light reveals how far away the star was, what its trajectory through the sky was, how big it was and how long it lived for. One day, that light will move past us, but it has a direction and will come into view perhaps, for someone else a million light years away.

I could go on and on and on. I love seeing what I do find its feet in the realm of reality . Energy therapy is a valid means of healing and can be not only effective, but a fast resource for those who are ill or recovering. To have an effect in a physical way (as it should do) then it needs to be able to interact with that something the body uses to signal a change. It needs to be able to trigger a body response. Why do people feel good after and energy session? Because their brain has responded to something, their body has responded to some message or interaction that pleases both. Why do they feel pain or have a challenging response at times? Because their body is shifting quickly out of a status quo, and into gear to create a change.