The first step to a successful program in self-development is identifying the thing that stops you moving forward. Recently a woman asked for hypnosis to deal with a few problems including libido issues. She wanted them dealt with in one session which I suggested might miss the point. I felt she had self-image issues that were the basis of other issues, bearing in mind that she had also had surgeries that went wrong (in her mind) to look younger. She felt great for a few weeks and then when it came time for intimacies with her partner, ducked down into a major depression when she found that the libido issue had not been successfully dealt with.

As I had already told her that directly trying to alter something only works well when you know why the problem exists to start with. What is getting in the way of changes, what is preventing healing or growth? These are the questions that when answered correctly, ensure success. If you can understand what you are resisting, you have a greater chance of getting not only a good result, but one that heads in the direction you want.

When things aren’t going well we often find ourselves saying, “I don’t know what is blocking me from going forward.” Sometimes when there has been a long period of difficulty or you just don’t seem to be able to go forward, confidence becomes an issue. Then instead of wondering about blocks it is all too easy to think you are not good enough or worse. Three Gates is a meditation to help reveal what goes on, whether it is a belief, attitude, or something said to you long ago. It aims at taking you through three steps of resistance to the changes you want to make in your life.

The beauty here is it doesn’t matter what you are resisting, it may be a habit, it may be fear, it may be any change, or it may be a specific thing. You can enter into this knowing that you are resisting or blocking development but not sure why and yet still gain a shift within yourself. You can listen to this as often as you like, or apply it to any life situation at any time when you are unsure why you are resisting or wanting to move past destructive tendencies. Once you have resolved the blocks, you can use other hypnosis sessions to directly alter the behaviour. 

Once you have it out there, you may be in a position to deal with the issue yourself, knowledge truly is power. Conversely it can lead you in the right direction for creating the change you need. Setting yourself up with a great program of 2 or 3 sessions can be all you need to step into a new light and shine.