There are many ways to understand yourself, your quirks, your needs and your weaknesses. Let’s face it, we have all been in a scenario that we have repeated more than once, usually we are told by spiritualists that this is because you need to learn something from the experience or it is bad karma. Both tend to be halfhearted answers to the burning question; Why me?

It is all too easy to flick off pat answers to why we get kicked in the butt, it is just as easy to feel you know that you are part of the problem, but just don’t know what to do about it. I want to play a game of ‘what if’ with you. What if you looked at things from the perspective of a private detective? What if you looked at absolutely things around you as a symbol of problems that are hiding the answers?

Anyone that has seen my flower psychometry and food picture shows, knows that the images you choose show  that every choice you make comes from a state of mind that you are barely aware of, even if you try to override this deliberately, you are a slave to something deeper within yourself. This isn’t a bad thing, but if you want to change something, this can become a tool that initiates positive change. That state of mind is driven by feelings, not quite the same thing as emotions, more revealing in fact as these feelings dictate the terms of your interactions with the world around you. They don’t change quickly and sometimes they don’t’ change easily. Emotions are responsive, feelings are a thread that runs through everything and are present at all times, regardless of your emotional state. Feelings are easily seen through attitudes and the unconscious way we put our words together. You may have heard the saying, there is some truth in every joke, it is true, the idea that a turn of phrase is accidental, is a bit misleading of both yourself and others.

 Here is an example of how to use the symbols of life to get to the bottom of a problem.  It is important here to remind you, that your problems are your own, another person or situation may bring them to the forefront, but only you are responsible for your feelings, healing and growth. Say you are sitting on a chair, or watching cars and people, allow your mind to free associate. Start with, ‘what part of this scene/object attracts my attention?’ Once you notice what that is, you can free associate, allow your mind to make connections (it is pretty good at doing so). For example if you are focused on legs, wheels or other support areas you may be feeling a need for support yourself, or you may need to be more motivated to get what you desire. Conversely it could mean that you don’t support your own dreams in some way.

Everything you notice, and in particular, always notice is an indication of your state of mind. While it is a bit limiting by having a single picture to look at, it will do the trick at a pinch. In real life you will find yourself drawn to certain things that you notice, you may like them or dislike them. You may be offended by them and yet wonder why you keep noticing them. If you start with the intention of using your surroundings as a guide, you will be surprised by not only how accurate it is, but how it provides you with a clear way forward where you may have been struggling. It will open you to different possibilities in choosing hypnosis sessions or any self-development plan. We can spend years processing our thoughts on why we have certain patterns in our life and be completely superficial while thinking we are delving deep. For every problem you can imagine a reason for, say upbringing or traumatic events, there is a deeper rooted single issue that may have been there even before events popped them into the surface.  In the picture below, what do you notice? What stands out? Why do you think that is?