Over many years I watched my mother struggle with her weight. The photos showing her in her 30’s depict her as huge. As a teenager she was plump and after she had children the cycle had been set that would become our lives not just hers.

Mum tried every diet there was, and once her marriage to my father dissolved her efforts intensified. The trouble was, that there was desperation in the attempt; she was not a happy woman. Mum ate with her emotions, her lonely times were the late evening and that is when she would add a meal or two to her day’s intake. She would almost be determined, between diets, to eat all the foods she felt she had been missing out on. Don’t misunderstand me she tried hard with her diets and succeeded with a few. She was a weight watchers member for 2 years and achieved her goal weight, as soon as she had done this she went out and proceeded to put all the weight back on again, this took months not years.

She also did Jenny Craig successfully with the same scenario. In between these she got into the fad diets, these took the form of books that makes the author millions, helps a few lose weight and ensures the cycle continues. Mum always felt guilty about her eating habits and her weight gain. She was unhappy with who she was, even when she lost the weight. She also believed that if she ate food she would get fat, and so she didn’t even enjoy the food she was eating. Having stopped doing any form of physical activity outside of necessity she eventually had a heart attack that highlighted her undiagnosed angina problem, after which she was given a quadruple bypass. This helped her to be more comfortable and probably extended her life for a good 10 years, as she was only 50 when she had the heart attack and 53 when the bypass was performed, dying at 63 worked in with the prognosis. Unfortunately for mum there was also the embarrassment of being told she couldn’t have the surgery unless she lost weight. This offended the whole family but the reasoning was sound, quite simply she was very likely to die having been a heavy smoker and overweight.

At no point after that did she lose much weight, although for the rest of her life she made token efforts to appear as though she was trying. My Mum was never happy in her life, weight issues, smoking and alcohol were all symptoms of her distress, but nobody addressed the real problems that she had. I believe that if someone could have helped her with her emotional problems at some point, she could have lived a happier life if not a longer one. I am very aware that the pursuit of weight loss brings its own pressures and continues the cycle rather than ending it.

No matter what you start, start with the intention of succeeding!

My goal is to find a way for you to be happy with yourself, this does not mean staying in the cycle and saying ‘I’m happy being fat”. This is about finding your happiness so that the exercise or food choices you make are made, not for weight loss, or out of guilt feelings, or for others, but from a true desire to just be happy being you.

We will help you identify your core issue, and then recognise your personal patterns. We will not only give you the tools to help you break old habits, but will help you weekly to learn new patterns that will benefit you permanently. You will be fully supported by me during the whole process. This course is stand alone, or, complimentary to whatever programme you may already be on, or wish to start. If you are currently on a programme then we will help you make it work for you, permanently. This program aims to find the thoughts, and belief patterns that prevent you from being who you truly want to be while at the same time introducing a new way of thinking via , energy therapy and coaching.

The Weighting Game is broken down into parts to match your needs. It is a combination of hypnosis, coaching and energy therapy. If you feel you have a short term problem that is getting worse or started within the last couple of years, you will get away with a single session + hypnosis.

If you recognize you have had a problem since you had kids or after trauma but just can’t get a handle on it, 3 sessions could do the trick for you, and if you have had an ongoing problem for most of your adult life, you will need to get committed to creating a sustainable change.  Serial dieting brings its own problems which add to the original issues, not the least of these being a lack of confidence in your ability to be who you want to be or who you know you can be.

Being skinny won’t make you happy,being happy will make you perfect