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Seeing it all doesn’t mean knowing it all

A woman (Mz X) came to me asking if she would be living with her sister in the future. My response was as always, to read the sister as it is her plans, desires hope and experiences that partly determine any outcome involving her. I told Mz X that no, I saw her sister taking a different track. She was to become involved with a man living very close and would make a choice to live her life with him. Mz X didn’t like this answer and returned to her home country set and determined to make things go the way she wanted.

When her sister was struggling after a relationship break down, Mz X allowed her to move into her home with her and her husband, they traveled 6 months of the year and were happy to have someone to take care of their pets. After a few years and quite some time rebuilding her financial base, the sister informed them she was moving to a new state, this prompted the reading request. Mz X quickly returned home and managed to get the move as a shared event adding all their belongings. As it turned out, her real issue was that with a few hits in their investments bringing large losses, they didn’t have the money to either move or buy a home, even after the sale of their property in Maine. Essentially they were getting a payback from helping the sister and she allowed it by agreeing to become a co-owner in a purchase of a property down south. With the sister in residence and everything looking stable, Mz X returned for her next 6 months in New Zealand. She made a point of coming to inform me that she was indeed living with her sister.

All things have a natural order, that is to say, you can’t control everyone or everything. The initial information had included the sister and it was this part of the reading that was about to wreak havoc upon Mz X’s world. While back in NZ and unbeknownst to Mz X, the sister met and started an affair with the man next door. This indicates that the events leading to the affair, were always going to happen or that the area chosen was one the sister would have gone to anyway. Secondly, it shows that listening to another person’s information in relation to yourself can help you make the best long term decisions for yourself. When Mz X’s husband returned to California he realized that the affair was taking place, and there started a cross pacific argument as the couple tried to get the sister to stop the behaviour. They didn’t reckon with the feelings between the sister and her man, who after having the threat of exposure placed by Mz X, decided to divorce his wife. Leaving her the property he and the sister went off into the sunset, now having told Mz X that they didn’t want anything more to do with her or her husband. The property was sold and because there was less than a year to buying and selling, the cost was huge leaving the couple without even their initial investment. To date, there has been no communication the sisters now 9 years estranged.

What do we take away from this story? Firstly the idea that you can take information about someone else, and force them to toe the line to meet your desires. The sister’s future was a warning that throwing yourself in had the potential to cause bigger problems when the time comes for her to extract herself and it did.  Events for others are not always aligned with your feelings or emotions, but we have a knack for ignoring what doesn’t fit in with our own life plans, sometimes to the point of doing damage. You can change anything about yourself, you can do anything that serves you or that you want to do even if it doesn’t, that is free will. What you can’t do, is change someone else even if you can manipulate them for a time, because they too have free will