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‘A journey to find truth, a quest to understand, a path of discovery’

Retrograde Dates 2019

April 10- August 11 in Sagittarius

Jupiter goes retrograde every year for around 120 days. When Jupiter goes retrograde it is good to review our visions, ideals, and belief systems in life. Ruling over Luck, extravagance, growth and wisdom a retrograde brings with it a dose of risk balanced by epiphany. In retrograde this is typically acting without thinking and hoping for the best. In Sagittarius you have the main energy of opportunity meeting unfounded optimism where what you believe can override advice, common sense or even the facts. Outer planet influences are more subtle than the fast moving closer planets leaving the effects for many as a longer term experience.

Jupiter will offer you glimpses of things that just won’t work going forward, these may appear as things going wrong, and you may even consider these to be bad luck (one of the energies of Jupiter), but it is more likely that there is something fundamental that needs to be changed in some way. Conversely you will be likely to experience grand ideas, but be careful they don’t become delusions of grandeur, you will repent at your leisure.

It is a time where reassessing the best way forward will pay dividends and in particular as the energy is long term in every single year, you will be able to reflect on cyclic issues. These are the ones that seem to come up every year at a particular time and yes, this includes health. The beauty of Jupiter is you aren’t just getting a lesson in the challenges of life, you are getting valuable insight into how you can improve your life and manifestations. This energy also brings in the desire to learn, but beware the tendency to be judgmental, you will likely notice more judgy types expressing their opinions being very sure they are right.

Jupiter retrogrades allow some room for error and therefore, experimentation. During Mercury retrogrades, we tend to get punished for innocent slip-ups. While Jupiter welcomes experimentation, even at the risk of failure, but remember your time frame to sort things out is only until it turns direct.if you have not, you will find it difficult to disengage from what you set in motion. This is a fairly forgiving retrograde, f you’ve been in a professional rut or have been struggling to make a tough decision, you’ll want to take full advantage of it. 

Jupiter retrograde in a nutshell:

  • This retrograde is perfect for self-examination and big decisions;
  • Be careful about how much money you spend and on what;
  • Learn that you need to experiment before you know what is best for you;
  • Natal Chart Jupiter retrograde means a person should never hurry to engage major changes.

In this retrograde you may be more inclined to give into temptations as you see goals as lofty and difficult to obtain. All retrogrades however, give you an opportunity to go back or fix earlier mistakes they are without doubt, even in challenges, an opportunity to get things back on track if you don’t focus on the issues but the solutions and origins of those issues. This influence encourages you to be open, if you can manage this you will learn more, slingshot closer to your goals (after Jupiter goes direct again) and find your life, career or person expanded unbelievably in a few short months. Discover, experiment, experience and learn.