Affirmations for lLife

When a group of Serbian archaeologists recently uncovered a cache of 2,000-year-old skeletons, they unearthed a set of mysterious scrolls covered with Aramaic curses, too. As Reuters reports, the tiny scrolls were contained in what are thought to be ancient amulets and are covered with spells used in “binding magic” rituals of yore.

Spells were everything

In ancient “binding magic,” it was all about the spells. Practitioners of magic in ancient Greek and Rome used spells to “bind” people up to different outcomes in sporting events, business, and personal affairs related to love, family and even revenge. As Greek and Roman magic expert Derek Collins writes, binding spells had known formulas and named involved parties, like gods and people, and then connected them to actions or results. You could use a binding spell to invoke an upcoming athletic victory or ensure your happy marriage to a new partner—and to do so, you’d use powerful strings of words passed on by magicians or ordinary people.

Spells weren’t just said, they were written down. And like the objects found in Syria, the spells were often carried around with a person until they came to pass. Amulets designed to carry spells became a must-have fashion accessory and are regularly found in Ancient Greek and Roman grave sites and digs. Though other ancient cultures, like that of Ancient Egypt, favoured amulets with symbolism, Ancient Greek and Roman amulets were designed to carry spells themselves.

 In 2011, archaeologists uncovered an amulet in Cyprus that was engraved with a palindromic spell, and in 2008, Swiss archaeologists found a gold scroll in a silver amulet capsule thought to have belonged to an ancient Roman child. Amulets may have looked decorative, but their contents felt like life and death to believers, who paid magicians to give them scrolls and talismans that put their intentions into physical form.

In a modern world there is a tendency to think of these ancient practices as an effect of superstition, but to be fair, we have found through psychology that they do more than just help a person to feel more secure about their future. The modern equivalent would in fact be the practice of hypnosis, where words are said to change attitudes and beliefs. Wearing a cross is wearing an amulet, as it accompanies the belief that a higher power can be invoked to ward off evil or protect the wearer. Even more common is the use of affirmations to bolster a person’s confidence and change habits. Add to this an understanding of both the law of attraction and consciousness, things start to look more in sync with our attitude to creating our life circumstance rather than just responding to them.

When a sportsman wears a lucky number, socks or jewelry no one thinks twice about it, but here’s the thing, if having or not having something affects outcomes, it is tantamount to wearing an amulet. This means that changing how a person feels can make a big difference in the larger world even if there are a number of others involved. Lucky numbers, are so common that they are deliberately incorporated in life choices by many, lucky names for businesses and even auspicious locations are all accepted without judgement. Mainly because we know inside ourselves that if a person or group needs that to feel they can succeed, why not?

What can incantations do for you? I think of them as doing something when there is nothing else you can think of to do. It is my experience that when a person runs out of ideas they become overwhelmed by anxiety. When you can’t imagine your life improving and feel powerless, an incantation gives you something you can do. It has a positive drive toward manifesting something. It can be the energy that makes you feel safer, and it can remind you that you have power in the ongoing experience of your life. When your back is against the wall focus on an outcome that helps you out is inspirational. As many spells are to be repeated a number of times, you literally change your mind. We talk ourselves into and out of things all the time, spells are a way of doing so constructively and with purpose. The results are not what you might think, sometimes changing where you place your attention changes how you see and do things which ultimately changes your life in that area.

Incantation bowls were in nearly every household

The first time I ever executed a spell it worked so well that I was a convert. This was before even thinking about hypnotherapy, at that time I had never tried meditations and didn’t practice any of the esoteric arts. It wouldn’t be right to think that I had an interest in the arcane either, I didn’t. What bought this about was extreme distress. I had two kids, their father was in our lives but worked away, far away, and didn’t send any money to help. He did pay the mortgage and power bills, but we lived a fair way from any town (30 mins drive by highway) with only a couple of shops and a little library in a 30 minute walk (factoring in the two kids under 5). I had no car and this all describes a situation where even thinking about getting a job was not really an option. At the time I was living in Australia and had only been in the country for about 10 months so had no family or friends support, in short I was fairly isolated and felt that there was no way out. I grew vegetables and that was pretty much what we lived on.

One week I was stressing about where the next meal was coming from. While visiting the library I saw a book on magical spells, I can’t explain why I picked it up but I did. Inside I found a spell for improving finances, there were a few small items to buy and each day it would take 30 minutes for 5 days but in my desperation decided why not? It was an envisioning spell with a little ritual a placing some coins under candle and lighting it. While looking at the candle reciting the incantation 5 times and then closing my eyes to envision money coming to me in any way that naturally came up. Now is a good time to mention that maintaining a process until it is completed is intention at work. Stopping something that you feel will benefit you half way through, especially if it is easy to do, suggests a lack of intention.

After completing the incantation for a week I just carried on, getting the lawn mower out of the shed I noticed a black bag in the corner. It drew my attention and as I mowed the lawn I kept thinking about this rubbish bag tucked away back there. Before replacing the mower I went to pick up the bag and I couldn’t, it was way too heavy. Intrigued now I opened it and discovered a coil of second hand wiring (my partner at the time was an electrician). Immediately you could see the copper wires inside the plastic coating. Going next door I rang a scrap metal merchant who informed me that the prices was pretty high if stripped of the plastic and less for the same amount if not stripped. It took a day but it was stripped and clean looking by the end of it. My lovely neighbour dropped it into the merchant bringing me home $450. This was about 17 years ago, so quite a decent amount, but even now it would certainly buy groceries. This isn’t winning the lottery, but it is definitely a good result and shows the ways doing this kind of thing can assist. I had gone into that shed many times to get the lawn mower and not only taken no notice of the bag amongst the other things, but had no idea what it contained.

There are many times over the years where I have used affirmations, meditations and hypnosis to achieve a result during difficult times and more recently to create a positive change in myself and in so doing, in my life. If you are having a particular issue or do suffer anxiety in general you will at the very least find incantations give an inner sense of power. This is very real for the one thing we need in troubled times is the belief that we can still do something for ourselves to make our life better.