Core traumas are feelings that are locked into your cellular memory, they alter your belief in who you are and what you can be. This includes how you look, your body shape aging and potential disorders. Because these feelings are locked into cellular memory you may not be conscious of the origin of the pain or issues which can present in the body, mind or emotional landscape.

These can lead to behaviours that you do not want to engage in but feel powerless to resolve. Situations that create a Deep soul sorrow or pain have a deep core origin that needs to be released from within the cell itself.  You may have been affected by one or all of the traumas described below

1.  Physical Trauma

can result from

abuse, crime, miscarriage birth difficulties, life threatened, accidents, abandonment feeling unwanted, separation divorce, loss, situations that threaten security/ survival

The soul issue= security

Primary Fear = death which leads to an unconscious drive for self preservation or survival seeking security but not finding it, prove that you love me

Can be expressed as  fearfulness,unresolved grief, obsessive behaviours, anxiety.

2. Emotional/Sexual trauma

can result from:

Feeling pressured sexually, or sexual violation, emotionally volatile environments, emotional harassment, intense negative emotional situations, any form of mild, to severe sexual abuse, having boundaries violated.

Soul issue = boundaries

Primary fear= lack of abundance

The unconscious feeling of emotional insecurity, perpetuates an inability to establish and function within boundaries.

Expressed as emotional, sensitive, dependent, needy, I cannot live without you or this or that

3. Disempowerment trauma

can result from:

being bullied, losing elements of free will, powerless within situations, living or being forced to live a life of compliance and denial. Recipient of unjust treatment at home, school or work. Undertaking of disempowering activities, violent tv images, games etc.

Soul issue = empowerment

Primary fear = retribution

Often expressed as, low self esteem, inadequacy. Helplessness, arrogance through irresponsibility, I don’t want to be responsible for that or you. It is not my fault.

4. Heart felt Trauma

can result from:

betrayal from any relationship  such as parent/child, teacher/student, siblings, employer/employee, friends or lovers, any form of relationship abuse, exposure to deception or deceit,

soul issue = trust

primary fear = rejection

often expressed as, ongoing grief, fear of abandonment, rejection or betrayal,. Can become self destructive ,or rejection of self leading to a perpetual sense of isolation.

5.  Humiliation Trauma

can be a result of:

feeling shame, or fearful. Exposure to verbal abuse or humiliation. Repeated criticism made to look or feel foolish. Experiences of degradation, embarrassment, intense guilt. exposure to argumentative environments, situations that have made one afraid to speak out. Frightening verbal threats of either rage, or anger.

Soul issue = respect

Primary fear = fear of judgement

Often expressed as self induced habitual feelings of shame or guilt, fearful of speaking ones truth, or making sure ones needs are met, loses self respect and or respect of others. May perpetually creating and or alert to a lack of respect.

6. Reality Trauma

can result from:

exposure to unpleasant and violent situations, individual reality or truth being invalidated. Intuition or inner knowing being undermined or ridiculed. Being repeatedly confronted with irreconcilable differences between what one knows is true and what one is told is true. Being subjected to trauma that fundamentally affects or forces one to change their own perception of reality. Situations where one is forced to question the authenticity validity or truth of ones own reality.

Soul issue =Authenticity

Primary fear = being different

Often expressed as: changing behaviour to fit in, unconsciously adopt the status quo, seeking that which is genuine while not being genuine, dishonesty, not walking your talk, fantasy versus reality, seeing things as one wants to see them to justify ones life or actions.

7.  Spiritual Trauma

can result from:

being denied freedom of thought, exposed to intolerant religious beliefs or bigotry, forced to subscribe to another’s fanatical beliefs, denial or withholding of information relevant to ones spiritual autonomy, subscribing to situations or beliefs that induce a lack of personal direction

Soul issue = direction

Primary fear = losing control

Often expressed as: a lack of inner direction, narrow views, restrictive morality or judging others, feeling disconnected, suspicious of life or others. perpetually feeling a lack of direction or losing direction. Whats the use?

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