We tend to think of motivation as something we need at the beginning of an action. This is so far from the truth as to obscure causes of failure, quitting or even depression. It is easy to get caught up in the media wave of feeling sorry for ourselves without looking at what we could do differently. A recent study showed that (just like women’s magazines but not limited to women), that more than 80% of all facebook users feel a level of depression or despondency after visiting the social media giant. If it upsets you, the big question isn’t why it does, although that may be obvious, but why you keep going back so regularly that it can negatively impact your daily life.

This is motivation. No matter how you use it, if you have it or if you need it, motivation is the key to all activity and following that, success in meeting goals. To give up something bad for you, there needs to be motivation to do something else, rather than a reason to stop. Interesting but true. As a rule of thumb, we are motivated by a goal. That goal will always be something we want, but getting there can be a drag. It seems that wanting something doesn’t always motivate a person past limiting behaviours, this leads to the question what motivates you to stay in a role, behaviour, relationship or lifestyle that doesn’t make you happy?

Another role of motivation is to keep you going through the tough times. If you have an argument and are motivated to resolve it, you will likely find a way. The motivation in a relationship might be love, keeping YOUR peace or a desire to move on to happier moments that you know will come by ending conflict. If you are studying and find it a struggle midyear or mid degree, how do you find motivation to keep going? You already have a goal and started the journey toward it, what to do when you find yourself flagging. When it is difficult to focus and if you feel tired a lot, it is a good time to check in on motivation. Many people aren’t good at holding a long term goal, simply because we all require reward to motivate the next step toward achievement, certainly feeling as if you aren’t getting anywhere will lead to abandonment. If you have a history of this, every beginning will have it factored in, this unfortunately can lead to chopping and changing but never quite getting where you are going.

Game creators know this, and yes they got psychological advice, they build in regular rewards to keep you motivated, gradually as the game gets harder, the rewards get bigger. There is usually a fair amount of fanfare with every achievement, this motivates you to go to the next level. Once you are invested, that is you have played through to a significant level, it is harder to let go as now you have a lot to lose. At this point there freebie lives and fabulous aids start to cost you money, real money. People pay, because they are invested in getting the ultimate reward. Winning.

So if we cut all this down to size, what motivates most people? Reward. If you feel you are putting in more effort than befits the reward in the moment, it is likely you will abandon the effort or find it difficult to keep going. Some will abandon a particular way to achieve the reward and try something else. A new game, a new partner, a different degree. First it is handy to know what reward or success means to you in any one situation. What do you want? You can work hard on fixing limiting beliefs and take a step by step walk toward pushing through a lack of incentive. It is much easier and faster to simply go for the motivation, work toward the positive instead of focusing on the negatives.

The reward is the motivation. If you are part way through that diet, building that business or any project and feel like it isn’t working, you may have an overwhelming thought to abandon it to relieve the pressure.  A nice wee Motivation hypnosis will likely keep you on track. ($7.99) If you don’t know why you aren’t motivated to clean the house or get off the computer, it will help you there too. Like magic you will find yourself impatient with things that waste too much of your time. How often have you stayed with something even when it bores you simply because you can’t find the motivation to do something else? Seriously that is depressing and anyone doing that for too long will feel depressed, anxious and will start to erode self value.

Give the download a go, you never know, the one thing that stands between you and successful outcomes could be as simple as motivation. Listen to it without an intention or start with an area that you are losing the drive to continue with. You can listen as many times as you like, for as many different reasons as you like. When you are motivated answers to problems just seem to arrive, you find yourself spending your time in productive ways and will stick to something that you may have abandoned. Learning to deliberately choose positive solutions instead of focusing on problems is a sign of successful personal development.