I was drawn to a post by a linkedin contact. She was proudly posting a udemy certificate for the completion of a course. Aside from all the congratulatory messages, I noticed it was sporting certification for a 30 minute mindfulness course. Among other things Hypnotherapy was also listed as a qualification without reference to the authority providing the qualification. She may very well be fully qualified, but anyone that proud of spending thirty minutes to become a certified mindfulness therapist leaves huge questions in my mind.

If you are considering Hypnosis or indeed any therapy, DO make sure the person you go to is well trained, not just qualified by an obscure organization. I often speak to individuals that say they have been to hypnotherapists and it didn’t work, or that they have been working on problems for years and yet still have the problem they started out with. This really shouldn’t be the case, and brings up the issue of an untrained person creating bigger problems rather than helping anyone. DO make sure you have a thorough consultation before any hypnosis or therapy is undertaken. This should be free for any properly qualified person as part of their preparation to ensure they have and use the right tools to get you to your goal.

The bigger problem, when something like hypnosis fails. is a lack of confidence the client experiences which can bring them to a point where they think nothing can help. I often speak to individuals that say they have been to hypnotherapists and it didn’t work, or that they have been working on problems for years. This really shouldn’t be the case, and brings up the issue of an untrained person creating bigger problems rather than helping anyone. In their mind they have tried everything. Perhaps the problem was the therapist and not you. Using online free hypnosis scripts can give an untrained person a false sense of security. If they have a nice voice and can modulate nicely they got this down right? Wrong. Many of these free scripts just like a lot of youtube hypnosis are not formulated by therapists at all, trust me, they don’t give their stuff away for free and moreover they share their material with real students. These types of hypnosis scripts if okay, are generic which means, they don’t take into account your personal situation, experiences, language, or pretty much anything you.

Hypnosis downloads are generic, they work best as a series or by choosing a few to download that covers the bases. They are cheap so this is easy. They are at their most effective or it might become clear that you need a consultation and one on one hypnosis session or a program, particularly you aren’t clear about exactly what the underlying problem might be, the truth is, most aren’t. The underlying problem is rarely a diagnosis, or a symptom. For example, PTSD. is often a result from a traumatic experience. If you try to treat the PTSD, you may be missing an opportunity to resolve the trauma. What was the actual trauma that causes an ongoing response? Not the situation or event, but the feeling, the foundation of a trigger that finds it’s way into your life and behaviours. Many who suffer with an anxiety disorder have the origins rooted far into their past and not actually at the time of the trauma or as a direct result of it. Sometimes it is an event that triggers a long forgotten fear or moment of fear.

In weight issues it is rare for food to be the issue, often it is, and a single hypnosis for a specific food or food group does the trick. Other times it is something deeper, it can be as simple as hearing something repeated as a child, or a parental example causing problems. I had a client who was extremely thin and often shaky. She knew she had a problem with eating but didn’t know what the problem was, essentially not eating most of the times was the symptom. In our consultation she talked about her mum and how her mum often passed comments about a tubby girl down the road. These derogatory comments were often added to with, don’t you get fat like her no man will ever marry you. She loved her mum and was well treated as a kid, no trauma or issue. This line of commentary on a girls weight did it’s job. get fat and no one will love you was the obvious one, but more importantly and easy to miss, was the sense that the mum she loved, would be judging her or maybe not love her. Identifying the problem in that first consultation meant 2 hypnosis sessions later, her eating habits were becoming normal for the first time in her life.

When relationships are an issue it could be a simple point of communication skills, it could also be a lack of good role models or experience. It is too easy to suggest a person is self destructive or angry, this may be true, but they may be angry from the past, or they may be angry at themselves. This is less important and easier to deal with than missing a lovely opportunity to have the client themselves change how they respond and feel in relationships going back and changing what is said or how they responded. When a parent is goading, dismissive, angry, violent, non communicative, depressed and more, a child has no tools or power to deal with that. Many times success for my clients has been rooted in taking them back and giving them the power to respond to these times, and to understand more fully how it affected them. Fascinating stuff for both the client and me. So,,, If you really aren’t sure what to do next or how to achieve a personal goal, get in touch with me for a no obligation consultation, these are 30 minutes and always need to be a live audio or video call on skype, phone or other.

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