With Neptune ruling over visions, hints, clues, gut feelings and intuition, and illusion; The stronger the influence in your house the more likely you are to fall victim to that heightened feeling of something about to happen and for those with clairvoyant ability, to feel more connected than usual.

In retrograde the opposite comes into effect for a time. The veil is lifts and where we had been in denial or wearing those rose tinted glasses of hopefulness, will now show their true nature. Undercurrents only hinted at or feelings unresolved will hold themselves up as a light into the gloom and leave us with no illusions as to the facts of a situation.

This can be the situation itself becoming obvious, an epiphany or a person telling you like it is. Rest assured if it is time to let something go, you will be shown that clearly, conversely if you have not been able to see the way past an obstacle, finally you will find the help you need or understand what you need to do.

It can be a difficult time if you have been fooling yourself. This transit shows us the truths about ourselves we might have kept hidden from our conscious minds as well. These realities can be frightening and upsetting to face head-on, but the process is necessary for growth.

Depending on how tightly you cling to the realities you’ve chosen to see, whether consciously or subconsciously, this aspect can make you feel like you’re getting your magic carpet ripped out from right under you.

Neptune retrograde can illuminate our relationships to others and to ourselves and show the gritty truth of these connections, whether we’re ready for it or not. While this process can seem scary, it’s entirely necessary if you need to move on as well as for emotional development. With a 5 month movement in retrograde these will be hard one realities rather than sudden epiphanies, your mind will be drawn to circumstances and thoughts that may have been rolling around for quite some time, but this time you will find that instead of a spiral going round and round, you see an exit and a way to get off the ride.

This transit provides the perfect energy for use with metaphysical tools, such as Tarot cards, crystal healing and pendulum work. Your spiritual energy will thrive and flow during this time, and you’ll be more connected to the spiritual wisdom that emanates from these tools. It will be easier to discern the false from the real and with a greater level of connectivity to actuality, learning is advanced rapidly.

It is a time of experimentation and trying new things, mainly because it becomes clear what can be done or what looks like real potential, and what is not working. This transition is made difficult only if you are inflexible or resistant to a change of focus, feeling, attitude or belief. It is entirely possible to see things for what they are and hold fast to old or erroneous beliefs. For example the belief that someone will change. You will see through this time that this isn’t going to happen or is unlikely, but may decide that it is too hard to try and go it alone or do things differently. The good news is that others will also be facing reality, it is a great time for development discussion in personal and business circles. It is a great time to identify issues that just don’t go away, and prepare to do things differently or look for a new way through.

Where you have been unhappy in life, job or love, you will recognize the underlying issue holding you in place, and be able to look forward into the light rather than telling yourself it isn’t that bad, or that it will get better. Likewise you will see where you are not a fit for outward manifestations, in this instance you will see that you really just don’t want to do it, or be a part of something are already engaged in. to that end expect to see or experience more endings, moves toward happier times and changes in the way you spend your time.

One thing for sure, with Neptune in retrograde any move you make now based recognition, will lead you into calmer and safer waters. They will lead you toward your own potentials and give you the strength to leave negativity, yours or others, behind.