An epiphany can feel magical! We tend to associate it with something spiritual, but the truth is, when you want to see the light in any situation, you simply need to ask for it. This isn’t gobbledygook, but you will need to be open to any information that comes to you when you ask a genuine question.

Most times when you are on a downward spiral, your inner voice is urging you to do something different, make a change or get help, it nags at you because you aren’t listening to it. Here is an exercise to try, either before sleep or first thing in the morning. You may need to do this a few times to get used to it, but you can use it any time going forward when Clarity with a solution in mind, is what you need most.

Exercise in seeing the light: Time required: 10 minutes: Close your eyes and relax, let the thoughts of the day flow on through and just as the thoughts start flooding in, (as they usually do) simply let them go so the next thought can come on in. Take note of the sounds around you at the same time, maybe clocks, radios, tv, people talking, it doesn’t matter, these sounds describe your environment, they let you know that everything is as it should be in your world.

As you become more relaxed, think of a problem you have, an experience you are going through, try not to be intense, simply think about it. As you are thinking about it, imagine a light it can be a light bulb or just a light. Now imagine that you can see the words that represent your problem. this can be typed, or like floating words, it doesn’t matter, whatever is easy and comfortable for you and as long as you ‘see’ the words in your minds eye. Take a few quiet breaths and then draw in a deeper breath and blow gently at the words, using your breath, push them into the light until they are fully immersed and you can’t see those words any more. Take a few more quiet breaths and relax.

If it is sleepy byes time, you may find you wake up to something that you didn’t understand or know or have an intense dream that offers up a solution, or again information that can help you understand what is generating or contributing to the problem. Sometimes the solution or information comes during the exercise and other times you will have a ‘random’ clarity about what is going on and maybe what to do about it. Give this a go, if you do it at night, you will definitely sleep better.