Uranus Retrograde

This planets energy balks at tradition and embraces the weird, avant-garde, and unexpected sides of life — and its annual retrograde periods can be just as revolutionary as any of its other transits. “Usually, when a planet retrogrades, it loses its powers — but Uranus is different,” astrologer Narayana Montúfar says. “As the shocking planet that it is, its effects — whether retrograde or direct — are unpredictable, and never, ever boring. As Uranus retrogrades from now until the beginning of 2021, we are given the chance to revise all the change we have been going through this year”

Uranus retrograde is nothing to fear. And if you play your cosmic cards right and open your heart to change, you’ll understand that it can easily be one of the most useful retrogrades of 2020. Uranus transits bring the energy of evolution and revolution, this means having a hard look at old beliefs with a more grounded view. In a very real sense this means finding practical or working solutions to old problems. This can be difficult, emotional and some will find depths of comprehension that truly does revolutionize the choices they make. It is an inner energy at the outset in august but moving toward the end of the retrograde in 2023 it will be an all hands on deck to create the life that inner realizations show as true desires.

There will be those that don’t have big change required in their lives, but even then a new type of job, moving on from lost loves and putting things in place will feel infinitely satisfying. A change of perspective IS a change of attitude. The thoughts and big ideas will already be swirling around, but it won’t just be an energy of wishful thinking, more it is an energy of exciting and very real possibilities that leads to thoughts of How, not if.