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Only you have lived your life and only you know your strengths and weaknesses. What if I told you this knowledge is simply not true! When it comes to habits or behaviours you want to change, these are the self beliefs that prevent you succeeding permanently. Where does your mind go when you are hurting? What are your thoughts when you fail? What do you believe about yourself? Do you believe eating makes you fat or do you believe you have to diet to maintain your size? Precision weight loss programs are designed to target every area that your subconscious mistakenly uses to protect you.

Choose to stop dieting and joining expensive weight loss organizations who don’t make their money when you lose weight successfully, they make money by keeping you in the game. Choose to be at peace and get smaller anyway, easily, peacefully. Hypnotherapy with Dorothy is your way to end the cycle of a lifetime or even a more recent habit. Choose a single session to target a food group like, sugar, dairy, or chocolate, or choose a whole program when problems are beyond food and your self image is in question. Some families use food as a reward, if this is true for you, it makes it harder for you to diet as your subconscious will feel this is punishment and try to correct the situation with cravings and a drive to eat. Hypnosis can overcome this type of brain training.

Some families encouraged overeating with punishments for not finishing a meal, no matter how big it was, Hypnosis can overcome the guilt that is used in these situations while also managing guilt itself which can have a negative impact in relationships and is a major player in anxiety. Some people eat when they are fearful, depressed or anxious, while others struggle to sleep well which increases a desire for high energy foods even without much activity which usually leads to weight gain. You may make poor food choices, snack or eat when you aren’t hungry. The more areas you recognize in yourself, the more specific your program needs to be. What do you see as your problem really? Most serial dieters have experienced massive weight loss over time, so why put the weight back on? Hypnosis can reveal and eliminate this why. Dorothy’s sessions are online, covid compliant and comfortable as you can be in your own space. These are video sessions with programs being weekly until completed. Ask for a program that matches your needs, perhaps dieting isn’t the issue, maybe all you need is the desire to get moving and exercise more.

Sometimes weight loss isn’t about food at all, it is about how you feel in life, whether you are happy and appreciate all you have. Recognizing where giving up on happiness engages behaviours that specifically give you reason to be unhappy is powerful in changing how you eat, what you eat and how much you eat, without ever hypnotizing for food issues. It is common for long term weight issues to require regression and release therapies that may be related to past trauma and anger problems. Hypnosis can effectively help you move past and eliminate deeply held feelings. It is highly valuable for teens and young adults before they live years of damaging behaviours that also need to be tidied up in the end, clients often say, ‘I wish I had found you years ago.’ I understand why exactly.

An interesting case: A mother wanted me to hypnotize her daughter to give up smoking, she was 16 and also had weight issues. In there consultation the mother made a number of negative comments about the girl, she was angry with her, but the 16 year old was clearly very angry getting into trouble often for violent outbursts and physically fighting. I watched her daughter bristle in that session and once her mother had left, I asked her what she thought she needed. Her response was to lose weight, she explained about her dad leaving the family and starting a new family. I asked her if she might prefer to be hypnotized for anger, and then we could look at the behaviours after that in another session if she liked. I mentioned that all the people that were angry with her for being angry would have less reason to push at her and she would be happier at school also. She agreed to give it a try so anger hypnosis it was, she never booked another session. A few months later I ran into her mother in the street, she hailed me smiling broadly and said ‘ What did you do with my daughter? That girl you sent back to me was completely different, she quit smoking in a week or so, she lost weight and while she isn’t the model of great behaviour, she is more caring and getting along with her brother and dad. She hasn’t been in trouble at school since she had her hypnosis.’ I smiled and said how pleased I was to hear it. If nothing else this case shows that dealing with what underlies the symptoms makes it easier to eliminate those behaviours that indicate something more is going on.

In case you are wondering, she didn’t want to be hurt and angry, she didn’t want to be in trouble all the time, she didn’t want to be fighting her mum. She just didn’t know how to deal with her feelings and didn’t know what to do about them beyond smoking, eating and behaving in a rebellious manner. What I am most pleased with, that she didn’t have to dive down a deep hole for years, before finding a solution.

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