Meditation plays a number of creative roles in life. We naturally do it with a daydream and find inspiration from within the minds play. Effective meditative practices can help find and resolve issues through clearing the mind or undertake the role of brain training by changing what we do with our minds when things go wrong.

They can be healing or developmental, they can be isolating or they can be inclusive but whatever role meditation plays in your life it can help you find your way toward a nicer experience. In the did you know file, regular meditative practices improve sleep which in turn encourages you to feel happier and healthier in day to day life. They can also play an impromptu role in creativity.

Our daydreams are a release from the daily grind and boredom that sometimes visits, but they can be so much more. Many poets, artists and musicians find it difficult to explain where their ideas come from, but ideas themselves are dredged up from a barely recognizable place. The more often we visit this place of creativity the easier it becomes to live it in day to day life.

Meditation can be healing but isn’t always the act of healing, by allowing the mind to wander with underlying intention we reveal our inner being to our conscious knowing.