What is a soulmate and how do you know you have met one? This question indicates if nothing else, you have not yet, not in friendships, family or love. We can have soulmate experience in specific areas of our lives, business partnerships, financial partnerships and more. First it is handy to understand what the word means.



  1. One of two persons compatible with each other in disposition, point of view, or sensitivity.
  2. Someone with whom one has a specal almost spiritual connection

it may not be obvious but it is unlikely to be able to have that spiritual connection without the first defining attribute of a soulmate. it would be difficult to like or even want to be around a person who is in opposition to our personal taste, values or doesn’t rate highly on our scale of likeability. It could also be called symmetry.



  1. The correspondence of the form and arrangement of elements or parts on opposite sides of a dividing line or plane or about a center or an axis.
  2. A relationship in which there is correspondence or similarity between entities or parts.
  3. Beauty as a result of pleasing proportions or harmonious arrangement.

This is a complimentary relationship where both individuals are more than they could be on their own in the area of the soulmate connection. The worst thing we do is see it only as a personal or romantic relationship because this belittles the idea and the fact. It isn’t a ‘connection’ on its own it is a complimentary connection. We can connect to others in negative or difficult ways. Just feeling a connection can call a person to order if they tend to have challenging interactions with others.

The reason soulmate relationships and interactions are valued is for the very positive experience that they are. This doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be difficulties or even that it is a permanent or even deep relationship but for a time, there is such a level of commonality and mutual inspiration that the energy of the two is almost like bound energy that becomes one.

The energy of more than one person is synchronistic and there is an easy channeling of individual energies into a single cause or direction. When soulmate relationships are in evidence in business or finances we tend to see them as magical pairings, larger than life success and solid friendships that seem unshakeable. When you see soulmate friends together you can’t ignore how vital the energy is, and when a financial partnership is a soulmate standard they will seem to be able to do no wrong.

Things just click, there are no doubts, and we don’t ask ourselves ‘is this a soulmate relationship?’ we don’t ask ourselves or others if it is the right thing because the sense of rightness is in the relationship itself, trust is automatic and we fully understand, that we are better people in some way because of the relationship. If you are seeking soulmate relationships try not to minimize it by making it a love relationship only situation because you may deny yourself something equally or even more satisfying.

If you think of some of the most amazing bands in history or teams in movie making and authorship, these are often soulmate relationships, you can see their symmetry and in that symmetry lays their success. If they don’t achieve or find the soulmate state, they cannot be better together than they would be alone. It is not a completion of the incomplete, it is a merging of separate but complete individuals enhancing each other.

Allow that soulmate connections can be short or long term, business or pleasure, parent and child. Many never have a soulmate relationship in their lifetime and many more ignore the ones they do have because they aren’t in the area of romance and therefore miss the opportunity they provide. In friendships and business there is the opportunity to step into something new because of the trust that these relationships always have, to take risks you would not take alone and to develop in ways that the other person equally benefits from. it can lead to success on levels an individual could never acheive alone or may not have the courage to seek out on their own. The soulmate relationship is equal, it can’t be anything else. It is mutual because it can’t be anything else. It is inspirational because it is a positive connection and one that enjoys magical qualities simply because two (or more) become one.