It is easy to believe that psychic development has to do with psychic skills, but the truth Is that these are innate in most humans and practiced in some form or other as intuitive response and flashes of foreknowledge. Any energetic practice will enhance psychic skills and if not narrowed down to visual, the right methodology will open you to all your inner understandings that evade conscious consideration.

As a spiritual warrior you don’t need to be taught how to be psychic, you already have those skills, which means you are choosing how to develop what you already have. Doing this efficiently is a matter of intention and direction. What do you want to achieve? If you know this you can find the most direct path to achieving your goals. I am a fan of get in, discover and get on with life incorporating your learning into every aspect that can benefit from it.

What it isn’t:

Psychic development isn’t a way to healing one’s life and doesn’t always include spiritual development or mindfulness. If the goal is to heal the past the programs and methods for doing this quickly tend to be regressive and apply to your experience, understanding of it (enlightenment) and how to overcome character altering diversity.

Methods would be hypnosis programs, Pathwork, regression therapies and meditations. There are a whole host of potentials that target attitude as in ‘eliminate negative thinking’ to releasing those who did damage ‘release past relationships’ releases are primary but personal development can and probably should include progressive therapies that initiate positive tendencies and habits.

Developing psychic abilities specifically is a beginning where the individual practices and does exercises to bring the conscious mind forward to focus on subtle energy information and to be able to shift forward and backward at will to pick up information. There is absolutely no need to develop this way, it can be slow and labourious, but worse it often erodes confidence, if not intending to read for others at some point. Your mind can always do this and have likely experienced flashes of awareness at various times in life. When developing skills you are exercising and instructing your brain to be aware of those things we typically ignore in favour of more superficial and provable information.

A common mistake is to undertake psychic programs and hope for personal gains and vice versa. The cheapest and fastest way to get where you are going is to know what your end goal is, set your cap at it, and commit to the process. There are times where both outcomes are sought. That is a person wants to develop personally and wants to become a psychic practitioner. Everything is just white noise until it isn't.

If this is the aim the best solution is expansion and energy techniques which include both. With each expansion and the understanding of energy one’s ability to read others and include visionary or other subtle field abilities increases steadily. There is no doubt that opening up and discovering self energetically also aids in fast tracking psychic ability and personal development as it is a journey of discovery that is shared with others as energy support or as a psychic reader.

Save Time: understand where one study benefits another

The same skills are used for both. Where aura reading may seem to be different to psychic abilities it is used even if the reader is unaware of using it. Being unaware makes it a bit random and often unreliable rather than on demand. On demand skills are only required for those who want to support others using their skills for insightful commentary and the ability to see what a person really needs, why and what they are likely to do. Overemphasis on psychic ability often doesn't provide the expansion to be a clear and concise reader. If personal experience and having fun is the aim, just do that!

Anyone engaging in fully opening chakras and practicing energy exchange and add visionary development will be able to perform with high standards in psychic arenas. If you can see aura, you can see any other subtle frequencies, it is that simple. There really isn't any such thing as a psychic journey, there is a spiritual journey, a personal journey, an energetic journey and a psychic experience that can be a result of both.

As one develops energetically there will be memories, moments, experiences and responses that come to the awareness, it is part of being more open, we don’t choose what we are open to, it will be the brutal truth or if personal growth isn’t desired (or ready for) the individual will halt all development. Even in Attunements students ‘halt’ development by not following through with the practices which continue expanding the initiatory experience (the attunement itself is not complete we take it as far as we can or want to).

Having an attunement then forgetting about it or not practicing will have benefit, but it is singular making it good for personal growth to kick through false beliefs and limitations but doesn’t push an individual to their full potential. When the experience is halted the indvidual can find their flashes of insight quite frustrating as the information leaves a sort of cliffhanger, but that doesn't mean a lack of skill it is a lack of skill development.

For personal growth that includes mindful awareness, Self actualization deals with truly knowing others and as such is valuable for practitioners but also helps bonding relationships and removing judgements through a lack of knowledge in why others do what they do. It teaches detachment but maintains caring. It has advantages for therapists who have past trauma that make it difficult to form healthy bonded relationships and is great for those who have a progressive approach to living life to the full.

Any journey of self discovery needs to include pleasurable pursuit and enjoyable expansion while addressing your inner needs. IF you do that, you will find it a satisfying and life enriching experience.

At the outset knowing what you want to achieve you can shorten and improve the experience of going from where you are to where you want to be. The way to do that is to look through programs in both areas of personal and spiritual development as well as psychic options to find what looks great for you. They may not meet your needs but allow you to explore yourself through potential rather than by taking cues from the past.