This deck is a huge step away from standard imagery, over many years there have been tarot teachers trying to teach tarot reading the pictures. This is essentially correct except in every case I know of, this hasn’t included the symbology on the page. If you are trying to picture read the Rider Waite deck, for example, you really do need to understand what the symbols mean. Every card is packed full of ancient religious symbolism as well as Hebrew, kabbalah and astrological symbols. In his book ‘Pictorial Key to the Tarot’ He is very clear about these symbols and there meanings. this pictorial is not published with his cards but you can find it on amazon.

The thing to understand is that when you read his instructions that do come with the deck, they are more confusing than helpful because he addresses possible interpretations, at not point does he have a static meaning for the cards outside of the directive name on the card or the number and suits. Beyond that he expects you to know what these symbols mean, in a world dominated by a variety of religions and scholars who perfectly understand the meanings behind each part of an image, this probably worked a lot better.

I went and learned about these symbols with Sylvia Shanti Vowless, who correctly stated that if you were intuitive the cards can be read pretty well without a deeper understanding. What she missed is that you can be intuitive and still a bad reader of the cards. It is my experience that a nominal intuitive who understands their cards well, can be an exceptional reader and provide accuracy along with details that even a good intuitive might struggle with. This also harks back to the original card readings where nearly every person of good standing, had an implicit understanding of all the symbols on every card and delighted in puzzling them out. The problem arises in the modern day, most don’t understand these symbols nor have the patience or money to learn them.

Back to the Sacred Souls Oracle, most of the symbols are easily identifiable based on your own experience or interpretations, the beauty of this is you don’t need to learn the symbols in general. You simply need to be attracted to a particular component of a card and how that is reflected in other cards in a layout to get great information. There are elements of timing using a variety of potentials, planets, astrology and components that represent different seasons (blossoms for example). For those wanting to read for themselves there is a workbook that is chock full of card meanings and each cards symbols. Where you are drawn to a picture/colour or aspect of a card, you can look that up specifically which is one of the purest guides to self you can imagine. It is to be noted that not every single aspect on every card is interpreted for you, most are however and there is the general card meaning. Anything that takes your fancy is open to your own interpretation.

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Grab the book on Amazon as a paperback or Ebook. If you select the Paperback you can get the Ebook free on matchbook. Once purchased simply type in matchbook into the amazon search and a page will come up showing the books you own that are eligible.

To remove preconceptions there are no directional words on any card they are numbered only, this leaves you with the best possible interpretative platform whether reading for yourself or others. There are the four elements of air, water, earth and fire which in themselves offer a basic foundation for the influences at play whether drawing one card, or more. That brings me to the last point in this post, you can layout 1 or 10 cards and get amazing accuracy for the specific question or area of your life. Very few cards offer specific and direct information in a 1 card draw. This is because of the multiple layers of information in a single card that allows for a bit of confusion when reading for yourself. In most oracle decks the information isn’t always relevant to the question in an obvious way because there is a single card meaning and focus.

These are observations made when I had a shop and five different card decks for clients to use while waiting for their session with me. When I wasn’t busy, those playing with draws from the cards, even simple oracle cards, would not be able to apply them to the question they were asking. While there is a lot of criticism around having many readings, sometimes it is a result of not understanding the cards or how to interpret the draw. Herein lies the beauty of the Sacred Souls Oracle. Once you draw a card (or cards) if your eye is drawn to a part of the card, you can look up that symbolic image and get a very specific interpretation of why you were drawn to it.

It is entirely possible to draw the same three cards, in the same or different order and be attracted to a new symbol each time, this gives you an overall influence that has not changed, but a shifting dynamic within it. with around 300 possible direct answers to any question this is a deck that will continue to perform no matter how long you have owned it.