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Crystal Healing 1: Connections

Discover your True Connection to Crystals and Crystal Guardians, Expansion and more
Dorothy has been running online classes since 2003, her experience, professionalism and presentations offer you an unforgettable experience. Available On Demand.

One of the most amazing experiences a crystal lover can have is a genuine connection to their individual crystals and collections. These exciting workshops allow you to fully engage with the earth through your crystal collection. Size doesn't matter when you know how to draw on the amazing power that resides in the every crystals earth connection even if it is a simple tumbled stone. Bring a crystal to each workshop and use the technique from then on for your collection (individually) or any new crystal you buy.

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Getting to know your crystal: is a powerful first step to engaging a frequency that opens you up to a whole new world. Crystal vibrational frequencies are unable to override your own or even add to your range in a meaningful way. Using them with deliberate intention encourages your crystals to become  life changing connections.

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