Be who you wish to be, not who you were taught to be


31 Jan 2022 - 14 Mar 2022


8:00 am - 10:00 am



Pathwork Second Attainment Online

Path work is a study of self, it is reflected in many spiritual attainments like the Kabbala, the eight powers and more. Specifically it follows the knowledge that within you is divinity and all that prevents you from being your divine self, is denial of those things that prevent ascension. It doesn’t matter how far you travel along your spiritual path or a path to healing, those things that persist do so because they are always within you. Even spiritual teaching tend toward avoiding your shadow self in favour of a fixed smile and trying to sound as if you have it together. Attainment requires effort and exploration, mindfulness requires self knowledge and release, ascension requires a walk through the shadows.

Path Worth the Second Attainment focuses beyond self to expand consciousness and become a part of all that is and allow the interconnection of both your consciousness and universal consciousness. It is characterized by a more or less accentuated sensitivity towards other states of consciousness, which can be accidentally produced or induced by specific development practices.

Other times, it happens as a result of mystical experiences or through the acute phases of painful existential crises. In other cases, the continued attendance of a group of spiritually elevated people, or the pursuit of more or less conventional therapy, can gradually awaken in the person the beneficial subtle forces, never before imagined.

This program is a process toward mastery of self and life. $45 Per webinar $200 per program (5 x 2 hour sessions) Learn More and Register Here

Pathwork 2nd Attainment
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