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Lenormand cards


22 Jul 2021


12:00 pm - 2:00 pm



Read Lenormand

Lenormand cards

Mlle Lenormand’s amazing deck is fun and exciting. Dorothy has written ‘Channeling Lenormand’ featuring every single card meaning and relationship. In this class she teaches you how to practice effective smaller layouts releasing the need for a Grande Tableau. This big layout was designed as a spectacle and delved into a clients life once at most in any one year.

The way we read cards has changed and wanting information regularly means smaller layouts and a heavier emphasis on card pairings, positions and specific queries. Bring your cards and practice along with exercises to gain a deeper understanding of your cards in layouts. Learn about pivotal cards, primary information and secondary or hidden secrets in any layout.

Online via skype and recorded for your convenience this class will become an ongoing reference. 2 hours


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