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Seichim Healing Attunements


10 Jul 2021


9:00 am - 12:00 pm



Seichim (SKHM) Attunement Level 1 & 2

Dorothy has had many years experience in attuning students of the healing arts. She has held a Master/Teacher status for over 20 years in Seichim and Reiki before going on to attune to Aquarian modalities all well before she founded the Vibrational Expansion Technique of healing for professionals. Seichim 1 & 2 Levels are 30 days apart to allow you to develop the potential of the attunement for self healing and expansion before moving on to the next level. You can do level 1 on its own but it is a requirement before attuning to level 2.
Held in Mangonui Village 9am-12 on a Saturday. Places are limited due to the time and attention required per student. Each workshop is certificated and if required you can go on to master level as a professional and then teacher level to attune others. The requirements are fairly rigorous for both to ensure the integrity and value of the certification.
(Skhm) is an Egyptian healing Modality. It is a great place to start for personal and spiritual development hailing from a sisterhood of healing performed through thousands of years. It can’t be denied that these frequencies are life changing, leaving you well placed to move into more practitioner based training in the future. The process through the attunements take you from realization and opening and then connection to others and past lives. there are 30 days between each level to allow for full engagement of the attunement. SKHM is mentioned many times in the Egyptian Book of the Dead as a soul, mind and body healing process inviting frequencies of the Goddess Sekhmet into your life. This means it has been in practice for more than 3500 years! In her master/teach achievement she had a ‘memory’ of the ancient order of the sisterhood of the rose which is now incorporated as part of the initial alignment required before practitioner levels. You can stop at personal development or you can take this forward and add it to your practice or become a Seichim Practitioner of the ancient Egyptian Healing arts, bringing them forward directly from the past. (exciting stuff)
Level 1: Healing symbols, earth connection, attunement and 12 chakra opening/development and self treats/healing. This is the euphoric stage where you find yourself in sync and able to see clearly in all areas of your life. Memories, dreams, esoteric experiences and funky (fun) stuff are the order of the day, this phase can last for a week but will push you to move further into the development phase by practicing daily for the 30 day cycle.
Level 2: Secondary attunement, advanced symbols, transpersonal connections to spirit and the past: Usually accompanied by past life memories, and the ability to see through the veil to ones own origins. It can be a bit difficult as also the life you have led to date, will be bought forward for self awareness to initiate mindful living. (sounds hard and can be emotional but is amazing all the same)
$150 NZD each level attainment,  $300 for level 1 and 2

Direct Transfer: Energy Therapies   Acc.  030406 0662434 00   REF: your name and session type. 

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