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Victorian Tarot


02 Dec 2021


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm



Tarot Readings & Demo’s

Dorothy has taught many classes over the years, today though she is doubling down. Bring your cards, have your questions ready AND get a reading. Every student gets a layout in general or specific questions. Demonstrating layouts by reading students is a great way to show you how good layouts work, how to ask great questions and how to enjoy your cards while still having the ability to use them as a serious tool for information. This is a fun class where you get to see Dorothy in action in a small elite group of students.

Dorothy’s layouts: Freedom Spread : Rolling Spread : Relationship layout: 3 card spreads for action and response.

Mystical Tarot uses patterns and images to get layers of information that will improve your own reading out of sight. If you aren’t learning to read tarot, come along for the fun and readings! You will be most welcome Dorothy’s classes are always exciting be prepared for the class to take a bit longer than the allotted time as everyone in class gets a reading.

One Off Class ::  $20 per person: view webinar details here

Tarot Layouts: Freedom Spread
20, Jan 2022 9pm EST/3pm NZDT

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