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Tarot Forecasts

Choose an area of interest and Dorothy will do a Tarot of Asterisms card draw and layout. The image and reading will be sent to you via email so you can take your time and refer to it over time. There is no time limit going forward allowing for the possibilities to come forward in their natural time frames. As an example if asking about a marriage or commitment, purchase, or holiday, restricting time frames can potentially bring back negative results only because the time span is too narrow. Knowing how to speed up time frames or improve ones fortunes is part of understanding when things are most likely to happen. The Tarot of Asterisms is particularly good for timing and specifics of experiences. When timing is of particular importance, add that to your query.

3 Card Forecast $25: ask about love, money, career, relationships, investments. Keep it simple with a single query and get an indepth look at the potentials ahead.

5 Card Forecast $30 Throw a few things into the mix but there can still be a main focus. At certain times of our life, a pivotal commitment/experience will often influence other areas of our life. We start there and work our way out. I.E. you may have a romantic interest but know you are leaving to go to uni, or travelling for a year or more. The commitment of travel or schooling will have an impact on romance and finances, friendships and more.

10 Card Forecast: $60 This is a thorough look at the main influences going forward, the time frame is dictated by the cards themselves. Specific areas of interest can be added and the cards will reveal other factors of interest in relation to the main query, those things that help and those things that hinder.

Progressive spread: $80 A highly complex layout that asks for 3 specific areas of interest giving the first layer of information for each query. Then they are read from the central card, and the relationships are explored to the cornerstones which give a great detail of the main influences in play. Our lives tend to be interactive rather than separate blocks: I.E there may an issue with finances that can't be resolved quickly or habits make it unresolvable for now, this will influence every part of life until the problem is resolved, if this is the case, it becomes a cornerstone or a central issue influencing the future and how that future is likely to play out. In romance a person may be hurt from past relationships which will impact the ability to create a strong long term committed relationship or even happiness within oneself.

Tarot Forecasts