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The Double D team bring you a weekly show with a variety of subjects including free readings, unsolved mysteries, alien abductions and more. We explore the paranormal with you with lively discussions from Drita & Dorothy both professional and experienced in the esoteric arts. Join in our show live, ask your questions or get a live reading. Every week the team explain a major arcana card for those developing an understanding so bring your decks along.

Drita is a Reiki Master, Energy Therapist, Relaxation Therapist, Aura Reading Technician and Medium ++++

Dorothy is an Energy Therapist, Carries a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, is the author and creator of Tarot and Oracle cards books and decks ++++

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ONLINE:: Understanding the meanings of cards, oddly, doesn’t always help when interpreting a layout or an answer to any question. Dorothy has taught many (possibly in the thousands) to read cards. She has authored a number of books on learning tarot, questions and layouts, dangerous combinations along with creating and publishing 5 tarot and oracle card decks. Learning from a pro makes a real difference in how fast you grow but also in getting your questions answered effectively.

Not only has Dorothy been reading and teaching professionally for over 20 years but she uses exciting visual aids in her online classes, which are also recorded so you can revisit them as you need to. Layouts matter, if you use a good layout for your question the answers will make more sense, it will be easier to interpret and you won’t feel as if you are floundering around trying to work it all out. Layouts for specific questions simplifies the life of a reader, especially one who is reading for themselves. A common mistake is drawing too many cards while asking a yes or no question, or even asking yes or no questions. The value in oracle or tarot is their complexity, their mystery and the fun you can have using them. Let’s face it, you learn faster when you are having fun!!

Dorothy will show you 4 specific spreads that are her own and that you can use in a variety of situations. You get to ask about cards, positions and questions or ask about specific layouts that you are using if you are having problems with them. Do you know what a pivotal card is? Do you know how to layer the information in any layout? Do you understand the importance of a position in relation to a question? All will be answered in one session on layouts.

$20 usd per class

I often talk about asking a good question. This morning a tarot student asked how to be sure you are asking a good question (one that addresses what you really need to know) when reading for herself.

The principle is the same but here are some examples to help you along when you are emotionally invested in the answer.  Emotionally invested is a desire to either validate a suspicion, or to deny it. The cards cannot fix your life or relationship, they give you information to use that can improve your life. If you make that your intention, you will get great information every time.

If you are seeking information about suspecting a cheating husband/wife, it doesn’t work well to ask the cards if they are cheating. Firstly, the cards do not do yes or no answers. If that is what you seek, it is best to see a clairvoyant/aura reader. Often yes or no queries lead to confused readings, this is made worse if you try to lay out a number of cards with a yes or no intention.

 If your partner has prior history in stepping out this will also impact the accuracy of your question because the chances are good you know pretty well what their behaviour means or, you simply don’t trust them. It is also a terrible idea to ask about other people or a person who you think may be involved. Once you ask a question that begins with a mistaken assumption, every card you lay out has no meaning. It is very important to keep the boundaries that restrict the presentation of information as wide as possible to start, then narrow the field of query as you go.

The first card will become a significator card from which all others can follow. This is called an evolving layout. Practicing this is pretty easy, you can start here for any query on any day. For example you can start with the main influence in your day, this is usually an influence that holds a major part of energy, that is to say a single event that sets the tone or ends the day, or it can be a number of things that are determined by attitude. Then you can follow that with clarification of how this will come into effect.

An evolving layout looks something like this:

  1. ‘What do I need to know to clarify my current situation with [insert name]’ If not a person you can just think of the situation.
  2. What options do I have?
  3. What can I do to improve the situation?
  4. What is the best outcome I can hope for?

The cards you lay out for each question may influence the next question. What restricts or causes problems is not accepting information, but if done correctly this layout can present a story where you hold the power over your own choices and where you direct things to go. They can cut through denials, and give you the best case scenario. If that means the end of the relationship and your partner is cheating, it is where, on some level, you understand you are headed.

The key to using information is to give yourself the best chance to plan ahead and work a situation to your advantage. If your partner is going to exit the relationship, you will always do better by accepting this and planning for it, legally or otherwise. If your partner is not planning on exiting the relationship but continues to be dishonest or engage in extra marital affairs, you may wish to exit the relationship of your own accord so you can heal and move on rather than putting years of pain into false hope.